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Call Your Legislator!

Thanks to your calls and emails, we've been able to hold off the DeVos plan to destroy teacher pensions for the past few weeks. But the Republican bills were finally introduced just a few minutes ago, and we need to move fast to stop them.

You can help by calling your legislator right now at 866-834-6910.

Tell them to fix the roads instead of destroying teacher pensions.

Eliminating pensions for new teachers will make it harder to get the best and the brightest people to lead our classrooms. It will also cost taxpayers billions of dollars – money that we should be investing to fix our dangerous roads and bridges.

Just the other day a chunk of concrete the size of a basketball hit a car on 696. Republicans in Lansing need to get their priorities straight and just fix the roads instead of attacking our teachers and destroying pensions.

Take a quick minute and call your legislator at 866-834-6910.

Tell them not to support any legislation that would take away pensions from teachers and school employees.

In Solidarity,


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