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UAW Local 961

Take Action!

Thousands of workers from across Michigan and beyond will march to a rally at the State Capitol Building in Lansing on Tuesday, Dec. 11. We need you there.

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On Thursday, Republican legislators passed the worst anti-worker legislation Michigan has ever seen after workers were locked out of the Capitol for hours in the cold. On Tuesday, legislators will be back in Lansing to vote a final time on a Right to Work-for-less bill, which will destroy Michigan jobs and reduce our pay and benefits. 

Governor Snyder has said... Read more >>>

It is time for you to sign up for the UAW GimmeFIVE program!

GimmeFIVE is a UAW program used to communicate with its members in an innovative way – through text messages and emails.

It is an effective way to organize our efforts around an issue or cause, to build our union power and win justice for our union and our communities.

Sign up is easy, to join send a text message to 99795 and type the word JOIN. You will then receive a confirmation text welcoming you to the GimmeFIVE Program and asking you a series of questions to complete your profile. It is that simple. (You can also sign-up online at the link below.)

You can also report your activities to receive credit towards your buttons by texting 99795 then type BUTTON.

We will be using the GimmeFIVE program to get you up-to-date information quickly! We are energized about the new features to theGimmeFIVE Program. We hope that you share our enthusiasm and continue to support and strengthen the UAW through your activism and participation.  TOGETHER WE WIN!

It’s time to make our Union stronger. It’s time to rebuild our power. Get engaged! Sign up today!

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