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UAW Holiday Food Basket Program

Please use the link to get information and sign up to help with the UAW Holiday Food Basket Program.

For thos of you unable to attend the march in Washington D.C., there is a march here in Detroit.

Join the Chicago Caravan!
Fannie & Freddie have no offices in Detroit, so we’ll caravan to Chicago with the United Steelworkers Summer of Solidarity Tourand demonstrate with local activists against the fraud and predatory practices foreclosing our homes and our cities.

Time to Prosecute
The #1 Loan Shark
Bankrupting Detroit:
Monday, August 19, High Noon
We’ll Put Bank of America on Trial
We’ll gather & march from Detroit’s Labor Landmark, Hart Plaza
Jefferson & Woodward

Alpha Co. 1-125 Infantry presenting UAW Local 600 Appreciation Awards

10th Annual UAW Local 600 Charity Golf Outing

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