Retiree Chapter

Local 600 Retirees Chapter 2016 Schedule.

At all our membership meetings we have coffee, doughnuts, and we raffle off a television.  We invite speakers to inform us on topics that UAW retirees care about.  All Meetings are on Sundays at 10a.m., unless otherwise notified.  

The November "Christmas Party" meeting will be the last meeting of the year, because of the inclimate weather.  No meetings in December, January or February.  


Retiree Chapter

President CF "Peaches" Anderson (313) 842-3147
1st Vice President Marvin Zeigler (313) 842-3148                                                       2nd Vice President Amando Pizana (313) 842-3148
Financial Secretary Marshall Davis (313) 842-3149
Recording Secretary Charlie Pickens (313) 842-3149
Mattie Solomon (313) 842-3149
Retirees' Chapter Fax 313-842-3372

The Retirees’ Chapter holds its monthly membership meetings on the fourth Sunday of the month at 10:00a.m., except during the months of December, January, and February.

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