Region 2-B

Urgent Need for Blood Nationwide

To: All UAW Local Unions, CAP Councils, and Retired Worker Councils in Region 2B

Re: Urgent Need for Blood Nationwide


Over many decades, the relationship between Organized Labor and the American Red Cross has been a tremendous help to those in need in all of our communities. As summer begins, the American Red Cross is facing a difficult collections time and I am asking each of you to help meet the need.

Every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood. In the summer, vacation plans and activities may cause some donors to be less available to give. In addition, many schools where blood drives are held are out of session during the summer months, which makes the summer an especially difficult time to collect enough blood to meet the needs of hospital patients.

This is a perfect opportunity for us to step up and try to help whenever possible. I am aware that many of your locals, in partnership with your plant management, host blood drives during the year and I thank you for your commitment. Over the next three months, if you have a drive scheduled, please “strive for five” and try to collect five units of blood above your goal. If you do not have a drive scheduled, please talk with your management counterpart and jointly plan a drive. Your local or group of locals can also host a summer blood drive at one of our local union halls.

Any way you can help in this effort will be appreciated by those in need of lifesaving blood. Remember, each unit of blood collected can help save up to three lives. If you have questions or need additional information about hosting a summer blood drive, please contact our Region 2-B American Red Cross Labor Liaison Mark Buford. He can be reached at 419-304-4846 or

Thank you for your cooperation in this very important matter.

In solidarity,

Ken Lortz, Director
Region 2-B, UAW

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