Region 2-B

2015/2016 Richard T. Gosser Scholarship Continuing Supporters

At the request of many local unions and supporters, and by action of the Gosser Scholarship Membership at the May 2012 meeting, a program was conceived which allows those interested to financially support the scholarship program.

The program was originally set-up to be supported by UAW Region 2-B local unions who wished to participate. They could do so by making a one-time contribution of $0.50 per member. This was later raised to the current $0.60.

In 2003 an annual golf outing was initiated to grow the assets of the program, and in 2012 the Continuing Supporter Program was added.

CAP Councils, Retired Worker Chapters or other organizations or individuals can make a contribution and receive recognition here and in the annual luncheon program. Local Unions can make graduated contributions of: Associate - 0.25 cents per member; Baccalaureate - 0.35 cents per member amd Master's - 0.45 cents per member.

We would like to recognize the following:

Individual Supporters:

Rick & Therese Hoffman
Judge Timothy Kuhlman
Lloyd & Sharon Mahaffey

Master Supporters:

Cuyahoga Medina CAP Council
Lima Troy CAP Council
Greater Springfield CAP Council
Local 70
Local 211
Local 402
Local 440
Local 863
Local 977
Local 1302
Local 2391

And the UAW Region 2-B Retired Workers for their very generous $9,000 donation.

Thank you all so much for your generous support of this very worthwhile program that rewards the hard-working children of our members as they start their college lives.

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