Region 2-B

Local Union Websites Region 2B

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Local 5, South Bend, IN
Local 9, South Bend, IN
Local 12, Toledo, OH
Local 14, Toledo, OH
Local 122, Twinsburg, OH
Local 211, Defiance, OH
Local 292, Kokomo, IN
Local 402, Springfield, OH
Local 440, Bedford, IN
Local 647, Cincinnati, OH
Local 658, Springfield, Ohio
Local 685, Kokomo, IN
Local 863, Cincinnati, OH
Local 933, Indianapolis, IN
Local 977, Marion, IN
Local 1005, Parma, OH
Local 1050, Cleveland, OH
Local 1112, Lordstown, OH
Local 1216, Sandusky, OH
Local 1250, Brook Park, OH
Local 1302, Kokomo, IN
Local 1435, Perrysburg, OH
Local 1714, Lordstown. OH
Local 2000, Avon Lake, OH
Local 2209, Fort Wayne, IN
Local 2308, Trenton, OH
Local 3044, Rockport, IN
Local 3048, Evansville, IN
Local 3055, Columbia City, OH

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