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Dear Brothers and Sisters:

As you know, our Region’s top organizing priority is the Fuyao Glass plant in Moraine, OH, just outside of Dayton. The plant—which now employs over 1,500 production workers—has become the world’s largest automotive glass plant. Fuyao’s low wages, dangerous working conditions, and unfair policies pose a direct threat to two UAW-represented glass plants in the Region—in Crestline, OH and Evansville, IN. On April 30, Fuyao workers held a Town Hall meeting at which they, along with local elected officials and community leaders, challenged the company to respect their right to organize with the UAW. (You can watch the video from the meeting here:

Click on the links below for the official call letter and online petition.


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Support the American worker - Buy Union and Buy American for your loved ones this holiday season! Look inside for the UAW Holiday Shoppers Guide.  Read more >>>

UAW members from around Region 2-B took part in Labor Walks this weekend to encourage others to vote in this historic election. UAW volunteers canvassed neighborhoods in Canton, Dayton, Cincinnati, Lordstown, Toledo, Cleveland, Lima, and Springfield in Ohio and Kokomo, Bedford and Indianapolis in Indiana.  Check out who joined our effort this week and see if you recognize any one!  Read more >>>

Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

This letter is to inform all local unions of an urgent health and safety issue in need of attention. Just today we received another heartbreaking report of a Brother who received life threatening injuries when a press cycled during a servicing task. He is in serious condition and may lose his arms or worse, his life; and this is not an isolated incident.

There is an epidemic of injuries across the country and our membership is on the front lines. As of January 2015 new regulations require notification of OSHA in the event of an amputation or hospitalization. Since the requirement went into effect, there have been many thousands of injuries reported. Many locations are facing OSHA inspections because of these serious accidents.
In the last 24 months, five UAW members lost their lives because of faulty energy control

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 Greetings Friends:

 The response to the Flint water crisis by the UAW has been tremendous.

All our storage is filled with water that is being disbursed a case at a time to the citizenry. And they are so grateful.

But, we can’t take any more water at this time.

Instead, if possible, attempt to secure monetary donations. The funds will be used for water, filters, and replacement cartridges for the filters.


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 Ohio lawmakers are considering legislation (pushed by corporate CEO's and their allies) that will gut unemployment compensation benefits.  Please call your representative today and tell them to oppose this harmful bill - and spread the word!  Read more >>>

 In 2015, let's recommit to Dr. King's mission to secure the right to vote. Read more >>>

Check out the link for information from the United Steelworkers about how to purchase tires made by Union members.  Read more >>>

While the federal budget is debated in Congress, some Represenatives advocate raising medicare eligibility to age 67.  If passed, this could have a negative impact on UAW retirees and weaken retiree health care funds for 806,000 autoworker, spouses, dependents and surviving spouses. 

Recently, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released a report that found this move won’t produce nearly the cost savings that had been assumed previously.  We are asking you to reach out to your Representative in Congress and ask them to sign on to Representative Ted Deutch (D-21) and Representative Patrick Murphy’s (D-18) letter to CBO Director Elmendorf in opposition to raising the eligibility age.  This letter,  along with more information and the CBO report is available inside.

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