Indiana Update on the 7th Anniversary of The Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act

On the 7th anniversary of President Obama signing the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, here are some statistics we should all be concerned about and take notice of:

Under Indiana Governor Mike Pence's leadership and the "Right to Work is Wrong" (RTWIW) legislation jammed through the Indiana State Legislature by members of his party, Hoosiers make $.86 for every American dollar, dropping Indiana to 39th in per capita income. And, according to a study by the American Association of University Women, Hoosier women make $.73 cents for every dollar men make working comparable jobs, ranking Indiana 46th in the nation and below the national average of 77 cents. (We can take great pride that our Collective Bargaining Agreements require equal pay in Union represented work sites, another reason why RTWIW.)

Here is Governor Mike Pence voting record on this issue while In the US Congress:
• July 2007: Pence Voted Against H.R. 2831, The “Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act Of 2007.” [H.R. 2831, 110th Congress, Vote 768, 7/31/07]
• January 2009: Pence Voted Against S. 181, The “Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act Of 2009.” [S. 181, 111th Congress, Vote 37, 1/27/09]
• January 2009: Pence Voted Against H.R. 12, The “Paycheck Fairness Act Of 2009.” [H.R. 12, 111th Congress, Vote 8, 1/9/09]

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