Stop the Attack on Unemployment Compensation- Call Today

 Ohio House Bill 394, sponsored by Rep. Sears, will drastically cut unemployment benefits and make it harder for people to qualify for uemployment benefits. Perhaps most outrageous: while this bill slashes benefits for people - employers are given a bonus and will actually pay less into the system over time. 

Please call your state legislator today at 1-844-213-8172 and tell them to oppose HB 394 and to protect the unemployment benefits program.  Click on the link below for a flier to share with more information. 


* Unemployment benefits help working people feed their children, stay in their homes and pay regular bills, this reform would undermine that.

* Statistics show that these reduced benefits will hurt unemployed workers and their families because the typical duration of unemployment goes longer than the bill allows (it reduces benefits to as little as 12 weeks from the current 26 week benefit).

* Changes to the unemployment compensation system have traditionally been negotiated by labor and business. That is not the case here- in fact this bill eliminates the unemployment compensation advisory council that has historically advocated for balanced approaches toward solvency. So this bill will not just immediately harm working people, it will also remove our voice from the process altogether.





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