Contract Extension Agreement












On this 14th day of Semptember, 2015, Ford Motor Company, a Delaware corporation, hereinafter referred to as the Company, and the International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace, and Agricultural Implement Workers of America, UAW, an unincorporated voluntary association, hereinafter referred to as the Union, agree as follows:



            1. The terms of all agreements covered by the Union's notice of termination to the Company dated June 22, 2015 and/or the Company's notice of termination to the Union dated February 13, 2015 are hereby extended until terminated by either party giving written notice of termination to be effective at 11:59 pm. On the third calendar day following the day on which such written notice is received. All such agreements shall continue in full force and effect until so terminated.






            1. This Extension Agreement shall not be used as a basis for claiming retroactivity not otherwise agreed upon in subsequent negotiations between the parties.



            1. Except to the extent specifically set forth herein, this Extension Agreement shall not constitute a modification, withdrawl, or abandonment of the notices of termination referred to in paragraph 1 previously exchanged by the Company and the Union, it being expressly understood that no further notice of termination is required of either party under the National Labor Relations Act, as amended, or otherwise.






IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have set their hands on the date first appearing above.








FORD MOTOR COMPANY                                 INTERNATIONAL UNION, UAW








Bill Dirksen                                                                               Jimmy Settles


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