UAW Local 863 - Strike Duty Instructions - In The Event Of A Strike


The Local Union Strike Committee will assign your strike activity. Participation may be picket duty, kitchen duty, strike information classes, or other strike related assignments. You must be in good standing at the time of the strike to receive benefits.

• All Members must participate in a strike activity in order to be eligible for strike assistance.

• It is your obligation to check for the time and date of your strike assignment. Assignments will be posted on bulletin boards at UAW Local 863 Headquarters, 10708 Reading Road, Evendale, Ohio and also on UAW Local 863’s website:, click on the Local 863 News/Bulletins section to view the strike assignment schedule.

• In order to qualify for your first strike assistance check, you must register on the day and time assigned.

• Check postings at UAW Local 863 Headquarters for time and place to register for strike benefits, and this information is also on UAW Local 863’s website:, click on the Local 863
News/Bulletins Section to view.

When you register for benefits, you will be issued a picket card and your picket Captain will indicate on the card when you have completed your strike duty. You must sign in when reporting for picket duty. You must present your picket card at Strike Headquarters (UAW Local 863). Do not lose your picket card! You
must present your picket card to receive your benefit check.

Any Member eligible for strike benefits preceding the termination of the strike will receive a back to work check. Strike Assistance is taxable! To avoid problems, keep a record of all assistance you receive.

You are to report to UAW Local 863, 10708 Reading Road, Evendale, Ohio at your posted strike time, and you will be shuttled to the gates. Please arrive at UAW Local 863 at least 15-minutes prior to your posted strike time to allow for signing in and shuttle transportation.

In case of a strike, you will be instructed to exit the Plant in an orderly and dignified manner.

Do not take action to strike, unless your Bargaining Chairman or his Committee directly notifies you.

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