Sponsored by UAW Local 863 Community Service Committee

Please turn in your Adopt A Child gifts on the following dates:
December 4th thru December 8th.
All gifts are due no later than Friday, December 8, 2017.

For some families this is a wonderful time of year, but there are many needy, working-class families who are making choices about expenses such as rent, heat, food and medical whose children could enjoy a brighter Holiday with your help. If at all possible, let’s help make a child smile during the Holidays?

In order to adopt a child, please follow the procedure outlined below:

1) You will receive a child’s wish-list card when you adopt a child. You can buy a gift or donate money and we will shop for you. You can turn in your gifts wrapped or unwrapped. Please attach the wish-list card to the Christmas gift(s). If you have more than one gift, make a copy(s) of the wish-list card and attach to each gift, or write essential information on paper and attach to the gifts. Sharonville members may turn in gifts to UAW Local 863 Union Headquarters (8:00am~4:30pm), or turn in gifts to the Union Committee Room at the Sharonville Plant.

2) To adopt a child, please contact one of the following Community Service Committee Members:
Cheryl Holland - Dept. 579, shift 2nd
Tina Sukup - Dept. 216, shift 2nd
Joyzell George - Dept. 658, shift 3rd
Tammy Ayers - Dept. 777, shift 3rd

Remember - All gifts must be turned in no later than Friday, December 8, 2017.

We thank you in advance for your kind generosity, support and participation.

Cheryl Holland, Chairperson
UAW Local 863 Community Service Committee

slg: opeiu98

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