UAW-Ford Sharonville Plant - Local Contract Summary 2015

A message to UAW-Ford Local 863 Members at the Sharonville Plant

UAW Local 863 and Ford Motor Company have reached a tentative Agreement for the Sharonville Plant.  

We are proud to present this proposed Agreement to the Members of Local 863.

We successfully addressed our Members demands to have greater opportunities for movement that allows preference of operating pattern, crew preference and preferred shift.

Members of Local 863 will now have the opportunity to move from AWS to 5x8 and 5x8 to AWS.

We addressed the Skilled Trades overtime to enhance the equalization amongst classification.

We fought back attempts by the Company to take away Seniority Rights of our Members.

We maintained dedication to the health and wellness of the Membership by negotiating that the Company maintain the fitness center and continue the mobile breast screening service.

We also won over $290,000 in improvements for our Members, with over $50,000 in facility improvements and $240,000 in uniform vouchers for eligible Members.

The UAW successfully negotiated to keep the Members of Local 863 designated for summer work into January of 2016.

As your Bargaining Committee we believe that this Agreement rewards our Membership and also continues the legacy of the Sharonville Plant and will keep us strongly competitive for new work.

This document summarizes the tentative Agreement Local 863 has reached with the Sharonville Plant.

Please see the backside of this sheet for additional highlights.

Please review and plan to attend one of the Informational Meetings on October 26, 2015 & October 27, 2015.

We urge you to vote “YES” in favor of ratification.

In Solidarity,



* A Pattern Preference Agreement that give Members the ability to exercise seniority to move off the AWS operating schedule. Also, provides the opportunity for Members on 5x8 to apply for assignment to AWS operating schedule. Members can combine their Pattern Preference with their Shift Preference.

* A Crew Preference Process has been created so Members can change their crew assignment from H to I (or, I to H).

* Recall has been reduced to Department (was sub-grouping) and a Member can cancel recall rights to their old Department after 3 months in their new Department.

* Agreements for the reduction in force for 5R, provides Members pattern and shift preference during reduction and the combination of 2 occupational groupings for more placement opportunities.

* Members on bereavement, jury duty, vacation, personal time and family days will be eligible to sign job postings.

* Skilled Trades RIF procedures have been included in the Agreement.

*Skilled Trades Overtime Agreement enhances overtime equalization with daily overtime provisions changed to low in the Zone (with 100 hours imbalance to area) instead of low in the Department. Weekend and holiday overtime remains plant-wide with the exception of the first opportunity being in the area.

* Loan outs in Skilled Classification greater than (1) day will be done by low seniority in the Zone.

* AWS overtime language.

* ARP structure for all Members will now be displayed in the Local Agreement.

* LCIF: Revised investments in in-sourcing since the last contract and committed to review additional work that will be considered for performance by in-plant personnel that will include vibration analysis and fan balancing.

* Clothing vouchers of $100 for each eligible Member in 2017, and $100 in 2019. Represents $240,000 in clothing vouchers won for our Members.

* Letter from the Company to further study and review with the Union the prospect of having tempered air installed.

* Repair, re-caulk and repaint the walls in the Men’s and Women’s locker rooms across from the Fitness Center.

* Paint, and refresh five (5) break rooms.

*The Fitness Center will continue to be maintained during the life of the Agreement.

* The Company will purchase and maintain a battery jumper/starter for Members use.

* Annual mobile breast screening service for Members will be scheduled during the life of the Agreement.


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