Wounded Warriors Family Support 2018 High Five Tour

See their 2018 Ford F-150 Raptor on tour! Sign it with a message of support for our country’s veterans and their families! 



The vehicle is equipped with several state of the art devices designed to open up access to the disabled driver. Starting with the “Bruno Valet Plus” transfer seat. The Valet is created to move forward and backward, swivel out and back in and lower then raise all in a custom programed sequence to allow the driver to effortlessly transfer into a vehicle, all at the push of a button.
The wheelchair is stowed in the bed of the pickup with the “Bruno Outrider” lift. This crane style lift is connected to the wheelchair and will raise the chair above the side rail of the pickup bed then swing the chair into the bed where it securely sits on the bed floor.
To protect the chair from the elements the “Clock Mobility Access-A-Top” is used with a color matched Century topper mounted on a heavy duty steel framework which raises the topper like a clam shell, allowing the Outrider clear passage to the driver.
When each of these devices are retracted, the driver is behind the wheel of a vehicle which looks like a well dressed work or play truck. The “MPS Monarch” hand control allows the paraplegic driver to control the throttle and brake with perfect confidence.
The whole package together bridges the barriers that might otherwise prevent the driver from the ability to go where desired. All this, while driving a vehicle that maintains a non-modified appearance.

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