Forming a Retired Worker Chapter

Region 2-B retirees enjoy B-I-N-G-O at Black Lake, Fall, 2011

Periodically a local union discovers they have enough interest among retirees to form a Retired Worker Chapter.

Once a group of retirees has been convened and determines they want to go forward, use this form to apply to the UAW Secretary Treasurer's Office for an Official Retired Worker Chapter Charter.

The group can elect officers either prior to, or after, Charter application.

Article 55, Section 1 of the UAW Constitution governs Retired Worker Chapters.

The Local Union leadership and the prospective Chapter should work together closely, using the Region's Retired Worker Rep. as a resource to get the Chapter off the ground.

RWC LU 2308, Miller Coors Co., Executive Board with their new Charter, Sept., 2011

Call the Regional office at 419.893.4677 for assistance.

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