Local 863 Skilled Trades Overtime Rollback Vote Results

UAW-Ford Local 863 Sharonville Unit


Cutter Grind 100% In Favor PASSED
Electricians 54% In Favor 46% Not In Favor PASSED
HVAC 33% In Favor 67% Not In Favor FAILED
Machine Repair 52% In Favor 48% Not In Favor PASSED
Machinists 100% In Favor PASSED
Millwrights 48% In Favor 52% Not In Favor FAILED
Pipefitters 56% In Favor 44% Not In Favor PASSED
Stationary Steam Engineer 100% In Favor PASSED
Waste Treatment Operator 0% In Favor 0% Not In Favor
Welder General 40% In Favor 60% Not In Favor FAILED
Carpenters REVOTE
Industrial Truck Mechanic REVOTE
Inspection Tooling & Layout REVOTE
Toolmakers REVOTE

The Overtime Rollback Vote was held on 2-13-2020 at the Sharonville Plant.

Overtime Rollback effective on March 1, 2020

A Revote is necessary for the following SKILLED TRADES:
Carpenters, Industrial Truck Mechanic, Inspection Tooling & Layout, Toolmakers

Date of Revote:  Tuesday, February 25, 2020
Time:  5:00am to 8:00pm
Location:  Alcove Room – Sharonville Plant

All UAW-Ford Local 863 active Members, who are in good standing are eligible to vote, and may vote at the Sharonville Plant on the above-mentioned date and time.

Members who are on medical may vote at the Sharonville Plant on the above-mentioned date and time.

Members who are terminated and who have an active-grievance in the system may vote at UAW Local 863 Union Headquarters on: Tuesday, February 25, 2020 from 8:00am~~4:30pm.

The Local 863 Election Committee will run the voting process. Voting will be by paper-ballot. Photo identification is required to vote.

Absentee Ballots are available only for Members who will be out of town on assigned Union Business or assigned Company Business on February 25, 2020. A request for an Absentee Ballot must be made in writing before: February 25, 2020 and addressed to the UAW Local 863 Election Committee, 10708 Reading Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45241. Absentee Ballots must be returned to UAW Local 863 Election Committee, 10708 Reading Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45241, prior to the start of the Election Date: February 25, 2020.


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