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UAW Local 450

Revving up for 2013

New union-made vehicle list supports a stronger U.S. economy

DETROIT – The UAW announced today that the 2013 list of union-built vehicles is now available on the union’s website,

In a stunning reversal of one of the biggest economic downturns since the Bush years, the auto industry is back, and the UAW is glad to be able to continue to highlight the best of the domestic auto industry.

A number of the cars on the 2013 Union-Built Vehicles List – and many of the parts going into these cars – were insourced from other countries, including the Buick Verano and Chevrolet Sonic (South Korea), the Ford Fusion (Mexico), the Ford C-Max (Europe), the Chevrolet Equinox (Canada) and the Ford Transit (Europe). Moving production of these vehicles to the United States was part of the 2011 collective bargaining agreements with the domestic automakers.

“We’re grateful that the American people, through President Obama’s critical leadership, invested in the domestic auto industry,” said UAW President Bob King. “His faith in us has been rewarded with tens of thousands of new jobs in the auto sector alone.”

“These vehicles probably would never have been made in the United States if not for the deep sacrifices made by UAW members and President Obama’s rescue of the domestic auto industry, saving millions of jobs – not just in the automotive sector, but also manufacturing and many other sectors that depend on the domestic auto industry to be an economic force,” King added.

“When you buy a union-made vehicle, you are helping to support not only the jobs of auto workers, but police officers, teachers, nurses, prison guards and any occupation that relies on local and state payroll taxes to provide these valuable services,” King said.

Buying a union-built vehicle is a positive step toward bringing back good-paying American jobs, also gives us cleaner air and is better for our national energy security.

“Our members are proud to build some of the most fuel-efficient vehicles in the world,” King said. “This not only helps the consumer with lower costs at the pump, but also is better for the environment and reduces our nation’s dependence on foreign oil.”

These UAW-built vehicles are some of the most fuel efficient on the road:


Chevrolet Volt (Electric): 95 city/93 highway mpg (2012 figures).

Chevrolet Sonic: 26 city/35 highway mpg.

Chevrolet Cruze Sedan: 25 city/36 highway mpg.


Focus Electric: 110 city/99 highway mpg.

Fusion Hybrid Sedan: 47 city/44 highway mpg.

C-Max Hybrid: 47 mpg combined.


Chrysler 200 Sedan: 21 city/30 highway mpg.

Dodge Dart Sedan: 25 city/36 highway mpg.

Ram 1500 pickup: 18 city/25 highway mpg.


Outlander Sport SUV: 24 city/31 highway mpg.

All mileage figures from, except Ram 1500, Automotive News.

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