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UAW statement on House vote to repeal Affordable Care Act

DETROIT – The UAW was deeply disappointed that the House voted today to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The UAW has had a long and proud history of supporting quality health care coverage for all Americans.

“Health care is a fundamental human right to which all Americans are entitled,” said UAW President Bob King. “Repeal of the Affordable Care Act would condemn millions of Americans to live – or die – without health care coverage.”

King added that this House vote once again puts Republicans on record supporting higher insurance rates for women; reopening the Medicare Part D doughnut hole; allowing insurance companies to deny coverage to kids with pre-existing conditions; kicking young adults off their parents' insurance plans; and forcing Americans to pay more out of pocket for mammograms and other preventative health services.
“Fortunately, none of these things will happen because today's House vote was entirely symbolic and has no chance of becoming law. It’s time for Republicans in Congress to stop playing political games and focus on strengthening the middle class and putting Americans back to work,” King said.

“Instead of symbolic votes on health care, the House should vote to create more than two million jobs by immediately passing President Obama’s American Jobs Act,” he said.

“Repeal of the Affordable Care Act would be a step backward, one with devastating consequences for our nation. Instead of repealing the ACA, Congress should be working to expedite its implementation in order to provide health care coverage to the tens of millions of uninsured Americans as swiftly as possible,” King added.

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