UAW Local 2360

Flex-N-Gate Rally 2/13/2013

On February 13, 2013, the local had eight members attend an organized rally, held by the UAW, for justice for Flex-N-Gate workers. The rally was held at many locations around the country, including at the location here in Arlington. The Rallies were held to support these workers seeking to organize and bargain for better pay and working conditions. As well as, showing support for two facilities attempting to negotiate a good contract, but dealing with a company that refuses to bargain in good faith. UAW Local 2360 was well represented and, I would like to thank, Freddie Hughes, Richard Bradford, Fred Rayford, Bob Chaney, Christie Gonzales, Liz Rendon, and Henry Dampier, for taking time out of their busy schedules and attending this event.

Thanks and In Solidarity,

James L Gatlin
UAW Local 2360

Click here to see photos of the rally and be sure to use the easy Slideshow button.

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