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Tell Hyundai To Break It’s Silence

In conjunction with UAW Region 5, UAW Local 2360 Members protested at Absolute Hyundai, a local dealership in Mesquite, on Thursday, May 31, 2012. Vice President, Todd Dittman, Shop Chair, Freddie Hughes, Health and Safety Rep., Bob Chaney, and World Class Specialist, Liz Rendon, all participated in the protest. The group held signs and distributed fliers asking Hyundai to stand against hate. Alabama passed HB56, a racist law that legitimizes racial profiling, harms workers and the economy, jeopardizes children’s futures and terrorizes communities of color, citizens and noncitizens alike. Hyundai Motors makes vehicles in Alabama and continues to remain silent on the efforts to repeal HB56, therefore, in effect, supporting the law. This goes against Hyundai’s pledge to “lead the way toward tomorrow with humanity.”

The protest did not go on without a little controversy though. The owner and manager inquired what the group was doing and threatened to call the police if the group did not vacate the property. The owner then stole the large banner and ran into the store. A short time later the police arrived. Our protesters were informed they needed a permit to continue to distribute the fliers.

I would like to thank the group for stepping up and devoting their time when called upon by their Union.


In Solidarity,        

James L Gatlin                 Click here to see protest photos on our Flickr page.
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