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AFL-CIO's stance on the "Free Trade Agreement"

UAW President Dennis Williams and 59 other unions joined the AFL-CIO in writing a letter against the latest so-called "Free Trade Agreement" and the "Fast Track" congressional rules that would whisk it into law.

The AFL-CIO issued a letter demonstrating that 60 unions in the national labor federation are fully invested in the effort to stop "fast track" and free trade deals that don't do right by workers:

In a show of solidarity, workers from across economic sectors representing 60 unions within and outside of the AFL-CIO came together March 3 to sign a letter to Congress expressing opposition to Fast Track authority, which is used to advance unfair trade deals.

The letter, which can be viewed by clicking here, demonstrates the unity between workers who have jobs that are directly impacted by bad trade deals, and those whose jobs are indirectly affected.

The March 3 letter is part of a comprehensive campaign by the AFL-CIO, its affiliates, and its allies against Fast Track authority. The campaign includes a lobby day on March 4th where union members from more than 20 states will be in Washington, DC to lobby members to stop Fast Track.

To find out more about the impact Fast Track will have on the US economy, you can watch President Richard Trumka's explainer by clicking here.

In Solidarity,
Gene Lantz

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