UAW Local 848

Romeo Munoz to Head New 4-State CAP Conference

Romeo Munoz sworn in to high CAP office

Local 848 President Romeo Munoz was elected to head the new Southwestern States CAP Council at Loews Polydras Hotel in New Orleans on December 10. UAW Region 5 Director Jim Wells opened the meeting and explained the merger of four state councils. He said, “It hasn’t been a secret to anybody” because UAW leaders have discussed it for some time without any opposition to the plan.

 The assemblage of union leaders carefully followed all the legalities, especially because they are particularly restrictive against unions. Brother John Jarzabski nominated Romeo Munoz for President. Ray Evans of Local 119 seconded. It says very good things about our local’s participation in the political process that our President was then accepted by the leaders from four states unanimously.

Wells told the audience, “Our President is out there trying to extend the payroll tax and he’s going through the biggest fight. He was trying to increase taxes on those millionaires, and you’d think he had gone out and molested aa 3 year old kid, to heathem talk....”

“I asked the board to endorse Barack Obama. And if you agree, we’ll be the first CAP council in Region 5 to do it.
Do we agree with everything he does? No we do not. But he’s done more for us than anybody else has and more than anybody else is expected to do. We need him.”

"Even in tough times, Region 5 activists raised a lot of political money. Wells said, “We have hit the $800,000 mark and we are hoping that we’re number one again.....”

"We raised over $61K on our cruise drive. I thank the local unions, the leaders, and our members for what they did on our checkoff program and our V-CAP program overall. A dollar means a lot to people nowadays and I appreciate what you have done.”

UAW V-CAP is set by in our UAW Constitution. Article 12, Section 20. In Article 23:1, it says“The objective and purpose of the UAw Community Action Program councils are to develop, promote and implement policies and programs designed to improve and enrich the quality of American life.

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