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Membership Meeting Had High Points

U.S. Congressional Candidate, Mark Green

Membership Meeting Had High Points

by Gene Lantz

Even beyond the greatly-appreciated interaction with Attorney Rod Tanner, Local 848 members experienced good talks from Candidate Mark Green and our own Committeeman Dana Hamilton.

Mark Green is running for U.S. Congress in the 12th District, which includes much of Fort Worth. He was very specific about labor’s situation in America today. He began, “Ronald Reagan came out in the 80s and he waged war on organized labor.” He said that a Republican victory this November will result in the end of the middle class in America, “...and this country was built on the middle class!” The problem is big money in the election process. Green said, “The system is corrupt… and it is corrupt by the money… It’s the money in politics that corrupts the system.”

The problem can only be overcome by enlightened and inspired voting, Green said. As for the possibility of a big Democratic Party win in Texas in 2014, he said it depends on turnout, “We’re not red. We’re not blue. We’re nonvoting.”

The three main issues in the 2014 campaign, Green said, are political reform, water, and immigration reform.

Committeeman Dana Hamilton gave an enthusiastic report on the UAW Region 5 Summer School in Norman Oklahoma. Retirees attended the first week and active workers like Hamilton, Ray Besherse, Shannon Moore, Randy Rudd, Lorenzo Taylor, and Robert Wilson went the second week.

They learned a lot about the history of the union, the Importance of politics, solidarity, and union teamwork. Hamilton was particularly pleased to learn the history of our union. “Randy and I got really impressed with this,” he said.

The contract negotiations class was not just listening to lectures and taking notes. They actually acted out a contract negotiation situation. Hamilton played a company lawyer. The union negotiator beat them, Hamilton reported.

Just getting to meet UAW members from around our 17-state region made the trip worthwhile. Hamilton said, “We made a lot of friends up there.” He reported on a conversation with Region 5 Director Gary Jones, who said, “What a fight y’all are going through there!”

Committeeman Dana Hamilton

During the committee reports, Lockheed Chairman Kyle Dubberke invited laid-off members to apply at Lockheed. The web site is At the end of the meeting, Trustee Claude Cooper auctioned off the union’s big TV.

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