UAW Local 848

Jobs Threatened - Save the "LTV Plant"!

President Romeo Munoz of UAW Local 848 says that his members are facing a shutdown of the Triumph Vought Manufacturing Plant in Grand Prairie. Often called the "old LTV plant," it has been the main economic basis for Grand Prairie since 1939. UAW 848 has approximately 2,500 members, and there are many more salaried workers. At least twice that many community jobs depend on their wages.

Contact State Officials

Union officials are asking all concerned persons to contact the Governor of Texas. Tell him to stop the sale of the land underneath the Triumph Vought Manufacturing Plant.

Call the Governor at 512-463-2000. Contact the TCEQ commissioners, who could stop this sale, at 512-239-5510, 512-239-5505, and 512-239-5515. Call the Citizens Opinion Hotline at 800-252-9600.

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