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Thanksgiving (November 26, 2014)

Thanksgiving (November 26, 2014)

I am James Ducker, newly elected President of Local 848, and I would like to share my thanks with all the members of Local 848. I cannot begin a Thanksgiving without thanking God the Father for his Son, my savior. I am so fortunate to have a supporting wife and family. My wife Sherri is the most beautiful and supportive woman I know. I married way up and am not deserving of such a wonderful and Godly woman. I brought three grown and healthy children and Sherri brought two grown and one teenage child to our combined family of six children.

I am thankful for lifelong friends Duane Woodard and George Campbell; and friend for life Tim Bulin. But the purpose of this Thanksgiving is to give thanks to the UAW Local 848.

I give thanks to the UAW Local 848 for all it’s meant to my life, especially in challenging times. I became a member the first day I walked into Building 23 at the JSF plant on November 12, 1979. I was being escorted by George “Yankee” Minor and he gave me a union card and I was proud to sign it.

Through the years I have met many wonderful people, both friends and colleagues. For that I am thankful. When I became a member of the Local 848 Leadership team as a Zone 6 Steward at JSF in 1992, a new passion was developed within that I give thanks for. This passion has come full circle as I take the office of President and I am truly thankful for that. I want to thank the members that supported me in the most recent election and I commit to give you my best effort in this position.

I am thankful for the relationship that UAW Local 848 and the companies have developed through the years, which have afforded a great many benefits to our members that we still receive. I understand that it has been increasingly difficult to find common ground in our current situation, but I am committed to seek out that common ground and lead our Local through this trying time. I strive to secure labor agreements that Local 848 members rally for because together we will prevail, divided we will most certainly have less-than-desirable outcomes. Standing together, reaching for equitable contracts in a unified effort, Local 848 can and will prevail again. I truly give thanks for that.

May every member and their families be surrounded by a hedge of protection this Thanksgiving. Please take the time to give thanks and share it with the members of Local 848.

In Solidarity and with Thanksgiving,
James Ducker
UAW Local 848

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