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UAW Union Dues Increase FAQ


Why are my dues being increased?
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Our union has a great history and tradition of bargaining strong contracts which have helped thousands move into the middle class and raise families in security. Securing retirements, health care for retirees, paid holidays and enforcement of safe working conditions, to name just a few- none of these were given willingly to us by employers. We obtained them through the power of our collective voice and strength at bargaining.

Today, we face incredible pressures. Broad economic insecurity affects entire communities. While many members continue to have successes in their negotiations, far too many do not. There are tremendous sacrifices made by members that concern us all.

Despite these challenges, one thing remains constant: we know that we are stronger when we stand together than when we stand alone.

We believe we can face these battles and come out stronger. But it will take the help of everyone. PRO-Member has several core elements, including improving communications while also challenging members to be a part of the process, continuing to operate more and more efficiently and cut costs, as well as organizing in our sectors.

A robust strike fund is the strongest deterrent to an employer who does not take the resolve of members seriously. Many contracts are settled without strikes for just this reason. In recent years, our strike fund has fallen to a point where we must fundamentally change in order to rebuild this strength. The proposed half hour dues increase will go only to this fund.

We know you will have many questions. We know you want a strong union capable of bargaining the best possible contracts and at the same time get excellent value for your hard-earned dues dollars.

What are my dues used for?
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Currently, 5% of dues are allocated to the strike fund. Of the remaining 95%, 53% of member dues go to the local union to support members at the work site in negotiating and servicing. The portion going to the International (47%) covers a broad array of support services for local unions including but not limited to:

  • Health and safety experts to investigate accidents and train members to fix health and safety issues in their workplaces
  • Legal staff to help locals win fights in court; for example, UAW attorneys have won major cases preserving retiree health insurance
  • Health care and pension experts to take on the employer’s consultants
  • Website, magazine and other resources to keep members informed
  • Financial analysts to help local committees understand their employer’s finances and business strategies, so that we can take them on and win
  • Auditors to help local unions keep their books in good order, so they can stay accountable to members
  • Assistance for locals and members who are facing hard times or natural disasters
  • Organizers to build our density so we can win better agreements

Note that depending on the level of strike activity during a month, some or all of the 5% to the Strike Fund may be rebated to locals and the International.

How much will the dues increase mean to me?
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The exact amount depends on your earnings – it would be half your hourly rate of pay. For a member earning $20 an hour, the increase would be $10 a month. That works out to a little over $2.30 a week, or roughly 33 cents a day. An online calculator is available to help you figure out the impact on your own situation.

** More information and FAQs can be found at We have not been informed of when this dues increase will take place, but will notify our membership as we receive new information. **

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