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State of the Union (848)

Brothers and Sisters of Local 848,

We should not lose sight of our goals at the Triumph Red Oak and Marshall Street facilities. Marshall Street members set a goal in 2014 to get a contract they could live with. The membership narrowly ratified the current contract, by and large because there were not wage concessions and it was a four-year Agreement. That goal was met.

Since then, the Union has been party to a five-year lease extension on the Marshall Street facility in an attempt to secure 767 work, maintain 747 work, and possibly attain new work. This past year, the Marshall Street facility was one of the most successful facilities of all Vought Aircraft facilities. In May of 2015, the members of the Marshall Street facility committed to supporting the Red Oak facility in their effort to get a contract. To this date, the Local Union has done exactly that. The Local Union has supported and fostered a tremendous effort alongside the International Union to attempt the ultimate goal of getting a contract at the Red Oak facility. There is still work to be done.

The Triumph Company has offered a great deal of resistance on many aspects during this two-year negotiations process. The Company has resisted the Union on some of the most fundamental issues that union members demand:

  • The ability to be retained at the time of layoff (job security) – the Company wants to pick and choose, with a very subjective system based on management opinions.
  • A choice of shifts for employees by seniority – the Company does not want to allow bargaining unit employees at Red Oak to choose the shift they want to work by seniority. The Company wants to be able to change shifts whenever it wants with no restrictions or guidelines.
  • Contractors – the Company has over 100 contractors presently performing bargaining unit work. This number does not include the NFI third-party provider.

I do not believe that a single member at Marshall Street would embrace any of these three issues at the Marshall Street facility. We must send the Company the message that we will not be divided. We must continue to stand for what is right.

Both Lockheed Martin and Raytheon have fared well the past two years. Both Companies have worked with their respective Committees and secured good contracts for bargaining unit employees without resistance. Raytheon went one step further and secured a very good effects bargaining package for laid off employees that was at the top of the industry.

Each unit of Local 848 has challenges to face in the future:

  • Lockheed Martin – maintain current programs, perform through continued growth.
  • Raytheon – maintain current work.
  • Triumph Marshall Street – maintain current programs, 767 and 747, 747-8, win new work.
  • Triumph Red Oak – secure a fair and ratifiable labor contract, maintain current programs (maintain programs at quality levels on the V-22, G-5, C-17 engine and phase out), improve on programs, perform through growth.

What should our goals be as individuals?

  • Every member should focus on the job they have at hand. Our best defense is a good offense. Continue to be the best you can be. That is absolutely the strongest asset we can bargain.
  • Come to work and use your negotiated time wisely.
  • Help your Brothers and Sisters by sharing knowledge and skills.
  • Become more involved in Union activities.
  • While the past two years have been very challenging, the Union must bargain for fundamental values for our members. We must stand together, for there is strength in numbers. We cannot fall victim to strategies that Companies use in an attempt to divide and compromise our solidarity.

Stand together and long live Local 848!

In Solidarity
James Ducker, President

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