UAW Local 848

Walmart March - August 31

UAW 848 folks have an opportunity to take public action in defense of labor on August 31. The Walmart workers will lead a short march from the Texas Theater, 235 W Jefferson in Dallas (8 miles west of Triumph JSF), starting at noon. We can have a "UAW" banner for everybody to march behind. At the end of the march, 645 E Jefferson, we'll have free hot dogs.

These Labor Day festivities actually begin at 10 AM with a free panel discussion inside the Texas Theater. U.S. Congressman Marc Veasey, State Rep Roberto Alonzo, and AFL-CIO leader Rick Levy will update us on the fight for low-wage workers. As the panel discussion ends, we'll march. It's a chance to show some spunk and make a bunch of friends just when Local 848 needs both!


Here's a message from UAW President Bob King, sent through a UAW GimmeFIVE e-mail:

Brothers and Sisters:
Walmart Workers are Standing Up!

We need UAW members to spread the word: Help us let every Walmart worker in America know about the Organization United for Respect at Walmart (OUR Walmart).

Walmart workers across the country are speaking out and standing up for change at the worlds' largest retailer. At OUR Walmart, workers are building a national movement to end Walmart's poverty wages, out of control schedules and disrespect.

Go to the Our Walmart page and share the news with current and former Walmart workers who are your Facebook friends. Just login to your Facebook account by clicking the login button on the OUR Walmart page, and it will tell you which of your friends work or have worked at Walmart. You can then send them a message, with a link to the Organization United for Respect website so that they can learn more and join in.

In Solidarity,
Bob King


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