UAW Local 848

Chairman Kelly Malone Returns

Chairman Kelly Malone Returns

Kelly Malone is 90 now, but still interested in the union where he served as Vought Chairman for three terms. His one regret is that union publications never printed his triumph in a lawsuit over union infighting. Back around 1981, Malone explains, UAW 848 President Frank Inman and others had Malone removed from the union on accusations of “misuse of funds.” It took a mighty effort, but Malone eventually won his way back into the union. The membership soon re-elected him as Vought Chairman!

Malone has a long list of the accomplishments of the union in contracts he helped negotiate. Among those accomplishments was getting the company to pay retirees’ Medicare costs. He intends to lend a hand in the retirees’ present fight over our pension checks from Triumph. Malone is pictured with Chaplain Gene Cates.

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