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CALL TO ACTION from UAW Region 5 Director Gary Jones


Sisters and Brothers:

Last night at midnight, the government failed to pass a continuing resolution to fund the government.  As a result, 800,000 non-essential workers will be forced to furlough, costing these workers approximately 1 billion dollars in wages pre week.  The action also effects the economy costing about 55 billion dollars for a 3 to 4 week shut down.  The total economic impact is likely to be at least 10 times greater than the simple calculation of lost wages of federal workers.

With the loom of another fight lingering on October 17, 2013, which is the debt ceiling, we can't afford for the government to continue failing.  If they fail to raise the debt limit, this would be the first-ever default on the federal debt in the history of the country.  It will be catastrophic to the American economy if they don't raise the debt ceiling.

According to the polls, 68% of Americans agree that shutting down the government even for a few days is a bad idea, while 27% think it is a good idea to shut the government down.

Our country is being held hostage by the 80 Tea Party Republicans in the House of Representatives who are wanting to kill the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

We need you and ever member of your family to call your congressperson at the number listed above.  Tell them that it is unacceptable to have our government shut down, while seniors, children and military veterans have to suffer!  We need congress to pass a continuing resolution to restore essential services now!  We also need congress to vote to raise the debt ceiling before October 17, 2013 so that it will not destroy our fragile economy.  Tell your congressperson that we need a clean spending bill that includes no provision seeking to undermine the Affordable Care Act.

If you need any help or further information please don't hesitate to contact your CAP Rep. or Retiree Rep.

In Solidarity,
Gary Jones, Director
UAW Region 5

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