UAW Local 848


UAW Local 848 COVID-19 Update - August 26, 2020

I want to do my best to give an update on the current situation that our Local faces during this unprecedented COVID-19 crisis.

I have had a few of my Union Brothers and Sisters ask some very valid questions in relation to how the Union Hall is being run, and I would like to attempt to answer some of those questions.

Due to current state, county, and city guidelines regarding social distancing, it has been impossible to hold our regular Membership Meetings while adhering to these guidelines. In addition to these mandates, it would not be responsible to ask our Active and Retired Members to meet at this time and potentially put themselves and their families at risk of contracting the virus.

Executive Board members have been in regular contact throughout the pandemic and the Board was able to safely meet in-person earlier this month, after careful setup of our meeting Hall to ensure everyone’s health and safety. Even before our meeting at the Hall, the Board continued to discuss the basic decisions that are required to conduct the Local’s business using telecommunications platforms. We hope to keep meeting in-person monthly and want to ensure our members that we are trying to protect ALL of our members and their families as best we can. At the August Board meeting, the vote was unanimous in the decision to put the safety of our membership above all else.

Executive Board recommendations will be collectively put before the Membership once we can safely, and lawfully, meet again.

I continue to work with our International Representative for guidance during this trying time and I keep in constant communication with all of our Bargaining Unit Chairpersons and local government leaders.

Any questions or concerns can be brought to your Union Representative, or you may contact me at the Union Hall by calling 972-264-2431.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this unprecedented time that we will overcome together.

In Solidarity,
President Chase Buie


From the President - July 17, 2020

Brothers and Sisters:

This is an update as to where we stand, as of 07/17/2020, with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic and what it means for our Local.

I had been hopeful that we would be able to comfortably and safely re-open the Union Hall to full capacity for the month of July, but the recent surge in positive cases and hospitalizations in our area, in addition to state and local orders/recommendations, has given me pause. I would like to see August as a month for us to keep our eyes on, but we must play this by ear.

I have worked very closely with all five of our Bargaining Units, Retirees, local governments, and the International Union about how to move forward. As I stated when this crisis first began, it is a moving target and the circumstances change day-to-day.

I wish I had more information to give. I wish I could provide more details about how we will move forward and what the overall plan is going into the future, but the unfortunate truth is that no one knows.

Each Bargaining Unit is handling this pandemic slightly differently. Our Local Union’s input has been given at every turn, whether it is welcome by the employers or not. I know that our members are frustrated by the lack of communication, but the reality is that what we may announce to you today could, and probably will be, different tomorrow.

Please know that this Local Union, the Leadership that represents you, and this Union Hall have every Member’s best interest in mind. We are constantly working to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our Members and their families.

At this time, the Union Hall is still open to help you with your needs. To be better served by your Leadership team and Union Hall staff during this time of uncertainty, please call in advance at 972-264-2431 to ensure that the proper person you need to speak with is available.

If you have any questions, concerns, gripes, or just overall thoughts that you would like to share, you may call:

Union Hall: 972-264-2431
President Chase Buie (direct): 972-264-2432
Email, UAW 848 Executive Assistant, Lindsay Alexander:
Email, President Chase Buie:

In Solidarity,
President Chase Buie


CANCELED - June 28, 2020 Membership Meeting

The Executive Board has decided that the June UAW Local 848 Membership Meeting is CANCELED due to cases of COVID-19 at some of our plants.

From the President - COVID-19 - May 26, 2020

It has recently been brought to the Union’s attention that we have three confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 at our Marshall Street Facility. This is a worrisome scenario that we have all wished wouldn’t happen.

Given what we know right now, it seems as safe a scenario as possible. The 48-hour window of surface contamination has been eliminated by not working the weekend and the members that have been diagnosed have not been in the plant for ten days, or will not be permitted to come back until ten days have elapsed. These are guidelines that were provided to the Union after speaking with the local government as well as referring to the current CDC guidelines.

The Chairpersons from all five of our bargaining units are following this closely with me and we are all dedicated to ensuring, to the best of our ability, the safety and wellbeing of our membership.

We will continue to keep the membership updated as things move forward during this pandemic, reopening, and the potential resurgence of this virus. These are troubling, confusing, and difficult times. But I know that if we stick together, we can overcome these hardships.

I ask that everyone be responsible for themselves, their families, their coworkers, and their coworkers’ families. Please wear your masks, wear gloves, wash your hands, and practice social distancing when possible.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the union hall at 972-264-2431 or email our Executive Assistant, Lindsay Alexander, at Please stay tuned for frequent updates, as we will bring them to you as we get receive them.

In Solidarity,
President Chase Buie

2020 Elections Information - April 10, 2020

I have received several inquiries about our upcoming Local elections during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please keep in mind that these things are likely to change day to day, and we will do our best to keep you informed as any modifications may come. Here is what we have for guidance thus far from the International Executive Board:

April 7, 2020

TO: All UAW Local Unions

RE: Local Union Election Update

Dear Union Brothers and Sisters,

Due to ongoing concerns of the COVID–19 pandemic, please refer to the following action regarding local union elections.

Pursuant to Article 38, Section 2 of the UAW Constitution, the International Executive Board hereby authorizes any local union, that cannot take necessary steps to hold its local union elections due to a government stay at home restriction or due to an employer’s self-imposed workplace restriction related to the COVID-19 pandemic, to postpone its local union elections until the relevant restrictions are lifted. In any event, all elections must be held on a date certain, as soon as practicable, but in no event later than 90 days after the restrictions are lifted, unless otherwise authorized.

In solidarity,
Rory L. Gamble

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Union Hall at 972-264-2431 or by email at

Thank you for your patience in this matter.

-President Chase Buie

COVID-19 Update - March 26, 2020

Brothers and Sisters of UAW Local 848


I have been working closely with all five of my Chairpersons and their respective companies as this moving target of safety and wellbeing continues to grow and change. I communicate with our Leadership teams on a daily basis, and here is a report of where we are as of 3/26/20.

Please keep in mind that these things could change on a daily basis and it is important to stay informed with up-to-date information.

At this time, all five of our Bargaining Units (Triumph Marshall Street, Lockheed Martin Missile and Fire Control, Triumph Red Oak, Bombardier, and Raytheon) are considered “ESSENTIAL EMPLOYEES”. This designation of being considered essential comes from Federal Guidelines. We are considered essential either because we have defense contracts or because we are ‘transportation manufacturing’.
Although we are considered essential, and the ‘six foot social distancing’ rule is on an ‘as possible’ basis, I want to stress to our membership the importance to maintain a six foot distance when at all possible. This is very important to your wellbeing, as well as that of your Brothers and Sisters and their families.

I have spoken with several Mayors in the DFW area about this rule. One thing that I have found is that each city is responding to this issue slightly differently from one another. Here are some things that you should know and things you should do.

Each of our units has provided letters stating that you are essential. Each site’s letters vary, but they should be adequate if you are stopped on the way to or from work in conjunction with your badge. Please keep both the letter and your badge with you while traveling back and forth to work.
If you are stopped by law enforcement and it is deemed that the letter and badge are not enough, please contact your supervision team and the Union Hall to notify us of any issues and we will help in any way that we can.

Each site is also handling attendance guidelines slightly different. If you have any questions about how your particular company is treating attendance policies, please reach out to your Chairperson or the Union Hall to get informed.

Now, please stay safe and stay smart as we navigate through this truly unprecedented time.

In Solidarity,
President Chase Buie

Hall Open by Appointment ONLY - March 23, 2020

As of Tuesday 3/24/2020, the Union Hall will be open by appointment only. This comes with the Dallas County Amended Order by Judge Clay Jenkins.

We will still have our Representatives ready to assist our members with anything that they need, including the President, Chairpersons of all five units, and our Benefits Coordinator.

I must stress the fact that anything that can be worked over the phone should be, and anything that requires a physical presence will be by appointment only.

We are monitoring the COVID-19 situation as best we can and will provide updates as we receive them.

Be assured that everyone at the Union Hall and all of our Chairpersons and Committees are doing their due diligence to protect the safety, health, and wellbeing of our workforces.

Each Committee and the Union Hall are in constant communication with each other and with the management teams so that we can stay ahead of this issue as best we can.

Please refer to the following phone numbers to make appointments and/or voice concerns or relay questions to your Leadership team:

Union Hall- (972) 264-2431
President Chase Buie- (972) 264-0685

In Solidarity,
President Chase Buie

From the Triumph MSF Chairperson - March 23, 2020

Brothers and Sisters:

MSF update concerning the shelter in place order from Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins.

The Union leadership has been in communication with the Company and we expressed our concerns regarding the safety of our membership. The Company’s position is that Triumph Group Aerospace Structures is an “Essential Business” and will remain open at this time. The Union is making a hard stand to the Company that the Collective Bargaining Unit cannot perform the type of work required and remain in compliance with “social distancing” requirements. We will continue to argue this point from all levels. For now, the Triumph facilities remain open.

I also want to remind all CBU employees of Article XIX, Section 2.d., Right of Refusal or “Stop Work”, page 92 of the CBA. Brothers and Sisters, work safe!!! If you are asked to perform a duty or are put in a situation that you feel is unsafe, please let your Supervisor know that you would like to see your Union Representative and that you do not feel safe performing the work in question. The safety of our membership is our top concern. We will continue to work to resolve this issue!

Shane Curry
Triumph MSF Chairperson

Triumph Company-Wide Email Clarification - March 20, 2020

MSF and ROF Brothers and Sisters,

On Thursday, March 19th, Triumph Aerostructures CEO Dan Crowley sent a companywide email that has caused a lot of confusion and worries among our MSF and ROF members.

The ‘austerity measures’ that are outlined in the email are largely directed to non-union represented employees, with only a few possible exceptions.

The email lays out the plan to reduce headcount by 250 Triumph employees and an equal number of contractors, but it goes on to state that the majority of this reduction would be from salary as they ‘strive to minimize the impact on manufacturing’. While we can never predict a reduction of union-represented workers, the email seems to be aimed primarily at salary employees.

Other concerns that we’ve heard from the respective shop floors revolve around the ‘suspension of the 401(k) match program’ from now until March 31st 2021. MSF and ROF have language in their respective Collective Bargaining Agreements that prevent a suspension on 401(k) matches.
While each Agreement is slightly different, they both contain safeguards that were negotiated and voted on and cannot be undone during the lives of the Agreements without further negotiation.

We hope that this communication clears up any confusion that may have been caused by Mr. Crowley’s blanket email that was sent to everyone, even those that aren’t affected by these changes.

We will do our best to continue to keep you informed on changes and updates as we move forward during this strange time. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Union Hall at (972) 264-2431.

In Solidarity,

President Chase Buie
MSF Chairperson Shane Curry
ROF Chairperson Adam Rondon

From the Triumph Marshall Street Chairperson - February 28, 2020

We are coming to the end of our first contract extension, which expires on April 26, 2020. Afterward, we will work under our second contract extension, which will expire on December 31, 2021. At this time, the Company has made no official changes to its plans regarding MSF; production is expected to end in December 2020 and the plant is projected to close by the end of December 2021. There are many rumors, media stories, and other conversations out there that could affect our future. For now, our status remains the same. We have to hold our heads up and be ready for all that we may face!

Right now, the Company is experiencing many scheduling issues and continues to hire assemblers. In January and February, we had to fight off the Company from using non-CBU employees to perform CBU work! We have also worked diligently on mandatory overtime issues, unjust disciplines, and unjust terminations. These battles were fought and won by both our membership and leadership! There are many unresolved issues that we are still combating such as recognition of our work, healthcare issues, and others. We will maintain a strong front and work on those issues. I am proud of the membership and leadership team in making a stand in solidarity. We may have to face this again. If we do, we will fight again!

WE STARTED UNION AND WE WILL FINISH UNION! Our contract says that non-CBU employees will not perform CBU work and WE INTEND TO STAND BY THAT! I hope one day that all of our bargaining units have language in their contracts that say non-CBU employees will not perform CBU work. The Company needs to know that SKILLED LABOR ISN’T CHEAP AND CHEAP LABOR ISN’T SKILLED.

Thank you for your solidarity and support!!

Shane Curry
Triumph MSF Chairperson

From the Triumph Red Oak Chairperson - February 28, 2020

It's time. Not a time for reckoning or retribution, but a time for each other.

This company has done a good job of turning us against one another. Is it their fault for doing it, or is it ours for letting them? Let's not look for complacency in their empty promises, but find comfort in one another. Look to your Brother and Sister next to you; know that they will fight for your family as you would fight for theirs. That is where the real power is.

Everything that means something dear to you and your family can be seen in the relationship that you have with the person working next to you because they find the same things to be dear to them and their families.

For years we have been divided. For years we have had all that was fought for stripped away from us...

But no more! Now we will be heard. Now we have a voice. And that voice is ours and ours alone. Do not let it be muffled by the empty promises that are made by the other side. Let's see if this company will take care of us when they have given us their word that they would. A person's word should still mean something; if it doesn't, then it is up to us to hold them accountable just as they hold us accountable for our work.

We have no reason to be afraid of them. We, as a union, have legal rights. We have the power now to fight back. If we have fought for anything, at least we have fought for that.

So let them hear our UNITED voice as we demand the things that are owed to us; the things that we fought for and the things that you, your family, your coworker, and your coworkers’ families deserve!

Adam Rondon
Triumph RO Chairperson

From the Lockheed Martin, Missile and Fire Control Chairperson - February 28, 2020

Brothers and Sisters of Lockheed Martin MFC:

I'm taking time this month to inform our membership of UAW 848 on the latest news on what's happening at our factory in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Since our last newsletter, we have approved a new contract for the next 5 years. The union office just received the first draft to be reviewed in the next couple of weeks. As soon as Leadership makes sure the language reflects what was agreed upon, we will send it to be printed.

A couple of grievances will advance to Pre-Arbitration for the 3 Job Families who should have received a $0.40 raise with their Labor Grade increase. The CBA is very clear on this subject; it does not state "or" but instead says "and". It should be a LG increase and a $0.40 raise. Other grievances regarding second shift employees’ 5% night shift premium on overtime are slowly being paid back to all that were affected. We will keep up the good fight to get you every nickel that you should have been paid. On March 7th everyone in our bargaining unit should see an increase of $1.00 per hour to their hourly wage. This should appear on the payroll deposit on March 13th. Please keep a good eye on your deposits; there have been multiple mistakes in Lockheed's Payroll department.

We will keep working hard at Lockheed MFC this year to secure the future of our membership. I look forward to providing our services in the future.

In Solidarity,
Kyle Dubberke, Lockheed Martin MFC Chairperson

Triumph Marshall Street Effects Update (09/17/19)

As many of you are aware, the Marshall Street Bargaining Committee met with representatives of Triumph Aerostructures on September 12th and 13th to discuss the effects of the intended and announced plant closure. We will be meeting with the company again on September 19th and 20th to further these discussions. We will continue to inform the membership to the best of our ability as we move forward with these talks. Again, thank you for your patience and continued support of this leadership team and this great Local.

Triumph Marshall Street Effects

The Triumph Marshall Street Bargaining Committee will be meeting with the Company on Thursday, September 12, 2019, to begin discussions pertaining to the effects of the announced closure of the Marshall Street facility. We are hoping for productive dialogues during these meetings. If you have any questions, you may contact the Local 848 Union Hall. Thank you for your continued patience as we navigate these unusual and unpredictable times.

From the President

There have been many positive things happen since I last wrote a "From the President" article.

The Triumph Marshall Street Facility has signed a lease with Lockheed Martin that takes us to 2021 with two three-year optional extensions. This gives us a little peace of mind and security that we have not had for a long time as a site. Unfortunately, we have recently become aware of a contract signed with NFI to outsource a portion of our Production Control Unit's work. While this will cause some layoffs in that job family, we are working diligently to ensure that these losses are minimal and that there will be no contracting work within our facility.

Things have been relatively quiet at the Raytheon site. A recent report from Grievance Chairperson Ken Lovelace stated that there is only one active grievance in the system for our Brothers and Sisters at Raytheon.

Lockheed Missiles and Fire Control is looking strong and growing. With some education and the good work performed by the Leadership Team, we have seen the Membership grow with recent card signers that have realized the strength that comes from our numbers. LMFC is looking to hire with recent job postings at If you or someone you know would like to apply for those jobs, please visit the site and contact the Union Hall at 972-264-2431.

Triumph Red Oak just completed its first Leadership election. Adam Rondon (Grievance Chairperson), Tommy Bulin (Building 1 Committeeperson), and Jesse Keel (2nd shift Committeeperson) won their races by acclamation. Corey Gregg (Building 2 Committeeperson) won his race on Tuesday, June the 5th. The race for Building 1 Committeeperson between Corey Gregg and Tony Granados was a clean race with both candidates showing professionalism and a passion for being Union Strong. It is a good sign for the future of the TRO Bargaining Unit that this race was handled in such a respectful manner. TRO is also looking to hire new talent and they have their job postings at If you or someone you know would like to apply for those jobs, please visit the site and contact the Union Hall at 972-264-2431.

The retirees recently suffered a loss, as did we all at UAW Local 848. We lost long-time member and retiree C.R. McWilliams this week. He was a strong Union man that served this Local long after his retirement. Our condolences go out to his family and friends.

The Local's Leadership team recently met for our annual Solidarity Meeting. The meeting was extremely productive with several great discussions and suggestions provided from our Representatives at all four of our Bargaining Units and our Retirees. Several things are being looked at to help strengthen our Local and a new committee designed for just that purpose is being put together.

On Sunday, June the 10th we will send our three delegates to the International’s 37th Constitutional Convention. MSF Committeeperson Dana Hamilton, LMFC Committeeperson Robert Wilson, and MSF Chairperson Shane Curry will be in Detroit to help decide the future of our International Union. On the ballot for International Executive Board President is our Regional Director Gary Jones. I would like to wish Gary Jones luck, as he has been a strong ally of this Local for many years. I would like to thank our three delegates for the participation in this process and want to wish them a safe trip.

I would like to leave you with this: We are one year into this Leadership Team's term, and we have made a lot of progress through our unity and Solidarity. That having been said, there is still a lot of work to do. We MUST learn to lean on each other, look out for each other, and stand united as one team. Without this core principle that our Union is built on, we cannot succeed. None of us can be as powerful as all of us. I am 848. You are 848. WE ARE 848!

In Solidarity,
President Chase Buie
June 8, 2018

Correction for the May, 2018 edition of the Texas Aerospacer:

Page 3’s article titled “International UAW Convention Coming Up” has misprints that need to be corrected. This will be the 37th Constitutional Convention, not the 36th. The dates of the Convention are June 11th-14th, not June 2nd-5th. All official business and the election of International Officers will be held between June 11th and the 14th.

We apologize for any confusion this article in the Texas Aerospacer may have caused.

In Solidarity,
Chase Buie
UAW Local 848

Thanks and Memories - Fernando Argumaniz

I was very fortunate when I started at LTV Vought in August 1985. I have been an Automatic Rivet Machine Operator going on 33 years and am very fortunate to have stayed in one area my entire career, unit 8-216-1, and eventually became the Lead man for the unit. I was able to run most of the horizontal and vertical stabilizer for the 747 up to including the -8, section 48 and surfaces, center boxes, lobes, DC10, CL601, 767, and some 757. The best part of being in one unit is that I have become close friends with the crew of my unit and, man, was there ever a bunch of them through the years (and too many to mention); I just know that I will miss them all. Together, we had lots and lots of laughs and some tears through the years, especially the things not suitable for print.

Now the good part: even before I was hired at Vought, I was told about the union and how they took care of their people and they looked out for the employees’ rights. Never did I think that one day I would be in Leadership. I just knew that if I ever got in, I wanted to help people.

I started out as a Union Steward in 1996. I won my first race for Steward and stayed in office until 1999. I lost my next race for Steward, but I was able to come back in 2002. I won and never looked back! I held various offices until 2017. During this time, I served under some great gentlemen: BJ Meeks, Russell Strowd, Terry Brooks, Randy Bailey, and James Ducker. I also served with some special leaders: Shane Curry, Ken Loyd, John Lahue, Chase Buie, Shannon Moore, Dana Hamilton, Kenny Nimmo, and so many others that helped or were part of my career.

Through the years, I held the office of Steward, Committeeman, and Chairman. As time passed, I learned some of the most important things that consist of being in Union Leadership. Mainly that in the Union there is strength and with that, anything can be accomplished – no matter what! We have been through a lot. This is not just for me; this is what good leaders do, we include us all. It’s about all of us. I end my career with altogether 18 years in Leadership and 33 years of employment.

As I leave, I give many thanks to the present Leadership, the E-Board, and especially the ladies of the Hall.

  • Dawn and Lindsay: Thank you very much for all you did for me and the work that you ladies do.
  • Shane: Thanks for the many memories from the very beginning and being a friend. Damn, I’m going to miss you.
  • Chase: Thank you and good luck.
  • Nimmo: We had fun and we learned a lot together.
  • Dana: We sat at the table together and we learned together. Thank you for being there when I needed you.
  • Robert: You are still new in the box. Learn everything you can, you have the potential to be good at this. Thanks.

All in all, I can say it has been a good ride, but it’s time to go and enjoy my life with my family: Lisa, Philip, and Anthony. They, at times, did not see me or understand all I did but they put up with me because they supported me in what I did. I thank them very much for staying strong and listening to me when it was much needed. It has been a good ride – no regrets. I can say we are union proud and a union family and one day my sons will follow in what I did. SO THANK YOU TO MY FAMILY.

In solidarity,

Special Announcement from the President

It is my honor to announce that after a difficult and trying three years of contract negotiations, the membership ratified a first-time contract at Triumph Aerostructures in Red Oak, Texas.

This process, that started in 2013 when Triumph’s Jefferson Street facility closed, has in no way been an easy one. I would like to take an opportunity to thank everyone that has been crucial to this fight. To the negotiators that poured their hearts and souls into this Collective Bargaining Agreement and did an outstanding job: they were thrown every curve ball and obstacle that anyone could imagine and through their strength and unity they always rose to the occasion. To the rank-and-file members that showed up to the meetings, voiced their support and concerns, and stood side-by-side with their Brothers and Sisters: I have said it time and time again; we draw our strength from solidarity and without the support of the membership, we are nothing. To the leadership teams that came before me: without the Brothers and Sisters that laid the groundwork for us, we would not have been able to achieve what we have.

This has been a long and tiresome road, but together we have successfully finished one chapter of this struggle. That being said, we are nowhere near done. A Red Oak member summed it up pretty well when he said, "This is a marathon. We didn't cross a finish line. We just started the second lap in an ongoing race."

What we have to do now, as a Local Union and as a Bargaining Unit, is continue supporting each other. There is no doubt in my mind that there will be tough times to come, but we must lean on each other and remember that the key to our success is in our solidarity. We must hold on to the things we have won and stand together to rebuild going forward.

We will be starting a Worker-to-Worker program at the Red Oak facility to better assist us as we move into this Collective Bargaining Agreement. If you would like to participate in the W2W program and help the Local in communicating important issues to the rest of the membership, please contact me at the Union Hall.

I am also going to ask that every member from all four Bargaining Units and the retirees remind themselves one thing when we are faced with adversity: you are 848. We are 848. I AM 848. We will only come out victorious if we are together and with each other.

In Solidarity, President Chase Buie
March 27, 2018

Triumph, Red Oak Contract Ratification Vote

The proposed Triumph, Red Oak CBA was ratified by card signers today, March 25, 2018.

Special Announcement from the President

Those of you that have kept up with our Facebook page over the past few months have noticed that we've started a monthly "From the President" and "From the Chairpersons" segment. Due to several eventful issues and happenings that have recently come up, I am putting out this "Special Announcement from the President" to touch base. I intend on doing my normal post in the coming days along with a word from our Chairpersons.

As many of you know, in February we experienced a massive water leak at the Union Hall that has caused some unexpected challenges in running our day-to-day operations. After an extensive demolition effort to prevent mold in the walls and under the flooring was completed, we moved on to the rebuilding process. We hope to have the Hall back to normal operating status within the next few weeks and we truly appreciate everyone's understanding that phone calls and visits have been difficult over these last few weeks.

The nominations for the 37th Constitutional Convention Delegates closed at the Sunday membership meeting and we had several qualified members throw their names in the hat. A sample ballot will be posted soon and I can only apologize that they have not been posted yet. Scheduling conflicts coupled with issues generated by the flood have made this process more difficult than it needed to be, but we will have something for everyone to look at very soon.

Triumph, Marshall Street, has been faced with several issues. Everything ranging from part shortage issues, employees not being allowed a forty-hour workweek, and rumors of outsourcing our Parts Control Unit have been keeping me and Chairperson Shane Curry busy. On Wednesday, March 14th I walked the shop floor and heard concerns from several of our members on all of these issues. One theme that I heard from a few of the members is a concern that the Union Leadership is not doing anything to address these issues. This is absolutely not the case. Everyone should know that Shane Curry and his Committee are absolutely working diligently on all of these problems and I have complete and utter faith in their ability to overcome these challenges.

I am pleased to announce that I will be doing a shop floor walk around at Lockheed Martin on Thursday, March 22nd. It will be nice to finally see the faces of our Lockheed members as they do what they do best. Many thanks to Chairperson Kyle Dubberke and Lockheed Human Resources for facilitating and helping to plan my visit. This has been months in the making and I sincerely appreciate it.

I have recently spoken with Raytheon’s Chairperson, Ken Lovelace, about an upcoming grievance that is slated to go to the third step of the grievance procedure. By the time I write my usual monthly post, I will hopefully have more details surrounding this issue.

Red Oak negotiations are moving forward. We recently negotiated for two solid weeks, which was the longest bargaining session since 2015. During this session, we moved into Economics with a few open Non-Economic items left to discuss. At the end of the session, we had scheduled to negotiate on March 15th and 16th and had reasons to believe that we could potentially have something for the membership to vote on. In every effort to be prepared for this possibility, we posted and handed out a notice of a Ratification/Strike Authorization Vote and Informational Meeting. We did not end up with a proposal to take back to the membership and canceled the voting aspect of this meeting. The cancelation was very last-minute, but our Bargaining Committee did a great job of communicating this to everyone and we utilized the Facebook page to spread the word quickly. This is just another example of why all of our members should 'like' and 'follow' our page. We have more dates scheduled for March 21st and 22nd and will continue to work on getting the membership the best contract that we can.

In closing, I would like to bring up a new motto that I would like to see catch on with all four of our bargaining units and the retirees. "I AM 848" means that every member is taking ownership over this great Local. When we talk about “the union”, we are often talking about the Leadership team and it can easily start to feel like the members are an entity that is separate from the Local. It is important to remember that as a union, our greatest strength is each other. You are 848, we are 848, and I AM 848.

In Solidarity,
President Chase Buie
March 20, 2018

From the Lockheed Martin, Missile and Fire Control Chairman, Kyle Dubberke

I will be taking time each month to inform our membership of UAW 848 on the latest news on what’s happening at our factory in Grand Prairie, Texas.

From the first of the year, we have seen lots of new faces throughout the plant. The surge of hiring continues with almost 40 or more unfilled positions. Our union office is busy as Committeemen Frankie McIntire and Robert Wilson continue to monitor and address these concerns that come with such a high rate new hires. Stewards Lorenzo Taylor and Johnny Modgling are trying to keep up with questions that concern our membership.

Brothers and Sisters of Lockheed Martin MFC, we must keep talking to these new hires to teach them why need a union to continue to work for a better life for yourself and your families. The next contract talks start in October 2019, but it’s never too early to start talking about what we will need to survive in future. With a rapid increase in the cost of housing because of the lack of affordable houses in the area, more members are driving further to get to work.

We have worked hard at Lockheed MFC in January and February, I look forward to providing our services in future.

In Solidarity,
Kyle Dubberke, Lockheed Martin MFC Chairman

From the Triumph Marshall Street Chairman, Shane Curry

Brothers and Sisters of Triumph Marshall Street:

As we work into the month of February, we still face some of the same issues we have been dealing with, such as the Company working out the final details of the building lease, part shortages, and program futures. The Committee continues to monitor and work these issues.

You will see the tooling fixtures that have been parked in the North Lot moved offsite and we will regain access to that lot. The part shortages are still a big problem. The programs received some potentially good news as Boeing announced that UPS ordered fourteen 747-8 freighters and four 767 freighters. Local 848 aerospace workers, you showed this Company that we were the best at building airplane parts for these programs in the month of January and we must keep it up!

The Committee is working on new projects to build our communication and solidarity. We are currently campaigning to get members involved in our Standing Committees and will introduce a new pilot program to better our communication in the near future. Keep up the good work, work safe, and get involved with your Union. I believe it takes all of us and I believe our hard work will pay off.

Shane Curry, Triumph MSF Chairman

From the President

Not a lot has changed in our bargaining units since my January “From the President” post. We continue to mull over how to implement techniques learned at the Leadership Conference at the Triumph Marshall Street unit (then other units after the test run), our Lockheed unit is still going strong and showing the Company what Local 848 members are made of, the Raytheon unit continues to work an important grievance, and Triumph Red Oak negotiations will resume soon.

In other news, the Union Hall has experienced considerable water damage from a broken pipe over the February 10-11 weekend. We are working with our insurance company and water damage restoration professionals and cleanup is underway, but it could be a lengthy process. At the time of this writing, the Hall is closed until further notice.

In Solidarity,
President Chase Buie

From the Triumph Marshall Street Chairman, Shane Curry

Brothers and Sisters of 848:

I want to give you some great news! After almost five months of recovery from a motorcycle accident, I would like to welcome back Zone 8, District 80 Committeeman/Steward, Robert Moreno as he returns to work on Monday, January 29, 2018.

I want to also recognize and thank Kenny Winfree for doing a great job filling in for Robert while he was out. I greatly appreciate the job and union knowledge he added to our team.

Shane Curry, Triumph MSF Chairman

From the Triumph Marshall Street Chairman, Shane Curry

I want to take a moment to tell you how much of an honor it is to represent the Triumph Marshall Street membership. I am very proud to represent 848 at MSF and of the job everyone is doing as we face adversity and uncertainty.

The month of January has seen us face part shortages throughout the plant. The building situation seems closer to resolution but still remains uncertain. Issues with the 747 and 767 programs continue to be unresolved, as well. I have, however, seen movement on all of these issues. The Committee and I will continue to monitor and address all of these concerns.

Brothers and Sisters of Marshall Street, we have to keep proving ourselves time after time and show that our work on the 747 and 767 programs is the best; we are doing just that! The Gain Sharing Program is looking good because of all our hard work. We have to make it difficult for Triumph to consider closing or moving work out of MSF by being the best we can. I believe in 848 at MSF and I believe we can make Triumph believe in us, too.

We have worked through a lot at MSF in January, but we are proving ourselves! I look forward to proving ourselves yet again in February. It takes each and every one of us to stand together, united as one.

So watch your Brothers’ and Sisters’ backs and work smart and safe and our work will pay off.

In Solidarity,
Shane Curry, Triumph MSF Chairman

From the President

Let me start by saying that I hope everyone has found 2018 to be a great year so far.

For many of us, 2017 was a year remembered as a time of tribulation, challenges, and uncertainty. I look forward to working together towards a more stable and prosperous year in 2018.

I have been working with the Plant Grievance Chairpersons and Executive Board Members to come up with ideas on how we can achieve this common goal through Solidarity and cohesion. I have always been a firm believer that we are stronger together; we will share and solidify that belief in the coming years.

Earlier this month, I was honored to join Marshall Street Grievance Chairperson Shane Curry and First Vice-President Anthony Esparza at a UAW Region 5 Leadership conference and training session. There was a lot of information presented and numerous workshops to attend. Brother Shane and I are looking at ways to apply some of the techniques we were taught at the Marshall Street facility. Once we rollout our ideas at MSF, we will look at implementing them at all four of our locations if they are successful.

While at the leadership conference, we had the opportunity to speak with Region 5 Assistant Director Vance Pearson, Region 5 Director Gary Jones, and UAW President Dennis Williams. We fully support Brother Vance for the position of Regional Director of Region 5 and Brother Gary for the position of UAW President at the upcoming Constitutional Convention. They have always been allies of 848 and we are excited to see them take on higher roles.

Our Lockheed Martin facility is knocking it out of the park and has been awarded numerous contracts. Credit for securing these contracts belongs to all of our Brothers and Sisters that perform the work on the shop floor. Having a skilled and dedicated workforce makes all the difference when bidding on contracts and this stands as a testament to the quality workers that make up our Local.

At Raytheon, we still have an incredibly impactful grievance in the system that I am working along with UAW Service Representative David Barker and Grievance Chairperson Ken Lovelace. We have met on several occasions to discuss the best path to success on this issue and I have been extremely pleased with the entire Raytheon Committee for putting their heads together to find a solution.

I spoke at the January Retiree Meeting and was welcomed with the warm embrace that I often get from our Brothers and Sisters that laid the groundwork for all of us lucky enough to be UAW 848. They offered support in any way needed to get us through any struggle we may face as a Local. It truly means the world to me that the ones that came before us are still right here with us.

Since my last “From the President” post, we held an Informational Meeting for the Red Oak workers. I could not help but feel that this meeting was an overwhelming success. The message for the meeting was “I AM 848”; a message that was to be taken back to the facility and shared with fellow Brothers and Sisters as well as management. I have been asked far too many times, “When will the Union get down here?” The answer to that question is, and always has been, “Since you walked in the door.” The message of “I AM 848” seemed to resonate with an overwhelming majority of the Brothers and Sisters that were in attendance.

We are all 848. Every Brother and Sister from all four Bargaining Units and the Retirees are what makes Local 848. We have a leadership team that was elected to represent you at the bargaining table but at the end of the day it is the “rank-and-file” member that makes this a Union. And I feel blessed to serve you.

In Solidarity,
President Chase Buie

From Lockheed Martin MFC Dallas Chairman, Kyle Dubberke

UAW 848 Members and their Families:

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

It has been a good year for many of our members, but there are some who had a rough year.  Let’s keep them all in our thoughts and prayers for a better New Year.  MFC Dallas is growing quickly.   As we add new members to our union family, lets treat them like life time members, as they will be our future.

From the President

As we move into the holidays and prepare to close out the year, I wanted to take a few minutes to look back at 2017.

This year we have seen adversity and community, losses and victories, but one thing has always remained true: We are a family. I speak often about how we sometimes see our co-workers more than we do our own blood relatives, and it is important to remember that we are more than just Brothers and Sisters within the workplace and within the Union. I am happy to call each and every 848 member my family.

That being said, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays. Be safe, be merry, enjoy time with family and friends, and we will see you after the New Year.

In Solidarity,
President Chase Buie

From the Marshall Street Chairman, Shane Curry

Brothers and Sisters,

I want to wish all of UAW Local 848 a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Please keep our Brothers and Sisters that have fallen upon hard times this year due to illness, injury, or lost love ones in our thoughts and prayers and may the New Year by the best for them and their families. Please be safe and have the best of Holidays!

In Solidarity,
Shane Curry, Triumph MSF Chairman

New Triumph MSF Committeeperson

Please join me in welcoming Brother Dana Hamilton to the Marshall Street Bargaining Committee as the 2nd shift Committeeperson for Zone 7, District 76. Dana won this position by acclamation and was sworn in at our membership meeting on November 19, 2017.

President Chase Buie

From the Marshall Street Chairman, Shane Curry

Brothers and Sisters,

I want to wish all of UAW Local 848 a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Through good times and bad times, I am always thankful to be a part and to serve UAW Local 848.

In Solidarity,
Shane Curry, Triumph MSF Chairman

From the President - November 16, 2017

Hello, Brothers and Sisters of Local 848. I would like to take a moment to update everyone on the news of the Local.

Triumph Marshall Street has seen a unique series of issues over the past few months. As the majority of you are aware by now, the Company is beginning a test run of building the 767 at its Stuart, FL facility. Our assemblers can attest to the fact that this is no easy undertaking. This is only a test run; nothing is set in stone. We cannot give up proving to Triumph’s shareholders that Marshall Street is the most qualified workforce in the world. What does this mean? Every day we must rise to the challenges that we are presented and do what we do best. We must build a superior quality product that ships on time and is completely FOD free, every time. The easiest way for us to accomplish this is through our solidarity on the shop floor. Looking out for your Brothers and Sisters is the only path to success. Whether it is workmanship or FOD, we must watch out for each other. Together, we will prevail!

Red Oak negotiations continue to progress forward as the Bargaining Committee maintains its resolve to work hard and negotiate a contract for the Red Oak employees. Though it can be difficult to understand the amount of work this Committee has put into getting the workers of Red Oak a contract, we did see a victory that is tangible and immediate in the form of purchased vacation. We are very pleased with the success of the bargaining session that enabled Red Oak workers to have one week of purchased vacation for the 2018 year. I will hold another informational meeting for the Brothers and Sisters at Red Oak in the near future, with more details to come.

At Lockheed Martin, the Company’s decision to change the hourly health care plan has been both frustrating and anxiety-inducing for many of our Brothers and Sisters. While this change has already been implemented, Union Leadership has been working to find a remedy and solution to the Company’s decision.

The Raytheon grievances that I mentioned in the last “From the President” update are still moving forward. I am working closely with Chairman Ken Lovelace and Service Representative David Barker to ensure a positive outcome on all of the issues that these grievances address.

Unfortunately, I was not able to attend this month’s Retiree Meeting due to contract negotiations, so I do not have an update to share. I will get with Retiree President Gene Lantz so that I have an update for the next “From the President”.

In Solidarity,
President Chase Buie

From the Marshall Street Chairman, Shane Curry

Hello, Brothers and Sisters of Local 848. As a reminder to the members of Triumph, Marshall Street, benefits enrollment has begun. You should have received your enrollment package in the mail. Your benefits enrollment for 2018 must be completed by Friday, November 10, 2017. If you have not received your benefits enrollment package, you can still complete enrollment by logging on to

In Solidarity,
Shane Curry, Triumph MSF Chairman

From the President

In an effort to better communicate with the membership, I will put out "From the President" posts on a regular basis moving forward.

Marshall Street Grievance Chairperson Shane Curry and I met with Marshall Street Site Manager Alan Anders and Human Resources Senior Director Danielle Garrett on two occasions since my last "From the President" communication.

Our first meeting served primarily as an introduction, but there was some information provided by the Company, as well. It was mentioned that there is a lease agreement in the works with Lockheed Martin that is pending with the Company's legal team. We've been told this before, but we understand that these things can take time. We will continue to monitor this situation and relay any information that is given to us.

Our second meeting, at which our International Representative David Barker was also present, included more information.

As we all know, the future of the Marshall Street facility is directly tied to the 747-8 and decisions that come down from Boeing on what that work package may or may not include. As of right now, we have a contract to build the 747-8 through ship set 1574. Past that, there is some uncertainty for both parties.

The potential transfer of the 767 work to Stuart, Florida was discussed at length. Beginning in the middle of November, the Company’s plan is start a co-production test run to see if building the 767 in Florida is a feasible option. At this time this is only a test run and no definitive decisions have been made.

Both sides of the table agreed that it is important for us to remember that we still have a job to do and that we should do it well. While there are many things that are out of our control, there still remain many things that are within our power. Our quality product and on-time delivery is our strongest voice in telling Triumph that Marshall Street is a facility that should continue to operate far into the future. What does that mean? That we must stay alert with things like workmanship issues and FOD. We must continue to look after our Brothers and Sisters, as well. If you see your co-worker making a mistake, say something.

I was able to attend an all-hands meeting for Lockheed Martin with Grievance Chairperson Kyle Dubberke and First Vice President Anthony Esparza. It was a great experience, finally getting to meet so many of our Brothers and Sisters from the Lockheed facility. If given another opportunity to attend one of these meetings, I'll jump at it. I was welcomed with such positivity to what it is that we do as a Local, and I thank our Lockheed Brothers and Sisters for that.

I had my first informational/introduction meeting as President with my Red Oak Brothers and Sisters. I left the meeting feeling positive about the message that we conveyed and the questions that were brought up. I plan on having more of these meetings in the future as my continued effort to communicate with each of our four bargaining units. I would like to see participation in these meetings grow as we move forward, which I believe will happen. My "Call to Action" on this is: I need everyone that plans on coming to our next meeting to bring one co-worker that may not have thought to come without having a friend there. Using this Call to Action, we could easily double our participation, which helps the whole membership in the end. An informed Union Worker is a strong Union Worker.

Negotiations for Red Oak have been moving along lately at a pace that I had not originally seen. This is both encouraging and relieving.

At our Raytheon facility, Grievance Chairperson Ken Lovelace has filed a few grievances that we have been preparing for even before I was sworn in. Ken, myself, and David Barker will be working closely together on these grievances to ensure the best possible outcome.

Please keep the following in your thoughts and prayers as they have fallen on hard times:

Phil McKinney's family (Raytheon)
Robert Moreno and family (Marshall)
William Robertson and family (Marshall)
David Hamilton (Red Oak)
Ron Hendon's family (Red Oak)

In Solidarity,
President Chase Buie

Red Oak Informational Meeting


DATE: October 2, 2017
TIME: 1:30 p.m. – 2nd shift, 3:30 p.m. – 1st shift
PLACE: Red Oak Municipal Center, Pitts Room, 200 Lakeview Parkway, Red Oak, TX 75154


From the President

Now that I have had a few months to get settled into my new role as President of our great Local, I would like to share with you some updates and insights that I have gathered.

At our Triumph Marshall Street facility, rumors are flying. Some of these rumors spread gloom and doom, while others promise good news. Gossip on the shop floor is nothing new, but the uncertainty that most people feel right now has elevated these speculations to a fever pitch.

It is important to remember that, until we see something in writing or hear it “from the horse’s mouth”, they are just rumors.

That being said, Chairperson Shane Curry and his Grievance Committee are investigating all rumors and issues with our 747 and 767 programs and will continue to do so as they are brought to our attention.

The only thing we can do right now is continue to put out the quality products that we are known for. We must prove, on a daily basis, that we are and will continue to be the best in the industry.

The Lockheed Martin facility has come across a few of its own challenges in the recent months. I have been working closely with Chairperson Kyle Dubberke and his Grievance Committee to ensure that these issues will be resolved. As with most things, these matters will take time and a lot of work to fix, but everyone in Leadership is prepared to do whatever is necessary.

As I came into office, one of the last things that former President Ducker did was take me to an effects bargaining session for the Raytheon facility. We feel that both parties benefited from these talks and it was a shining example of how negotiations can work when both sides are willing to meet in good faith and attempt to find common ground.

The Red Oak negotiations have been both challenging and eye-opening. Though there has been a lot of progress, there are still several key issues that need to be negotiated collectively that are crucial to what we stand for. It is important to remember that our power comes from our numbers and that we must all stand behind our Negotiating Committee as they pour their time and energy into doing what is best for us all.

The most important message that I want to convey to our Union Brothers and Sisters is that we must stand together during these trying times. We are blessed with a Leadership team that is here to support all four of our Local’s Bargaining Units, but this team is only as strong as its Membership. You ARE the Union, and we can’t do it without you.

In Solidarity,
President Chase Buie 

2017 Runoff Election Results

Runoff Election Results - June 13, 2017

Chase Buie         197 *
John Kursteiner  177

Triumph  MSF Grievance Chairperson
Shane Curry  127 *
Kerry Becker  112

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2017 Election Results

Election Results - June 6, 2017

Gary Tessmar     94
Chase Buie         95 *
James Ducker    71
John Kursteiner 123 *

1st Vice President
Danny Splawn 168
Anthony Esparza 206 *

Trustees (3)
Eddie Conway       207 *
Billy Watson           147 *
Gary Worthington  204 *
Keith Patterson      137
Thien Ho                 117

Triumph MSF Grievance Chairperson
Fernando Argumaniz 44
Kerry Becker                69 *
Shane Curry                66 *
David John Jakstas   45

Triumph MSF Committeeperson, Zone 2
Randy Franklin  32
Kenny Nimmo   44 *

Triumph MSF Committeeperson, Zone 7
Shannon Moore  25 *
Duane Eldredge 6

Triumph MSF Committeeperson, Zone 8
Robert J. Moreno 69 *
Doyle Freeman    48

Raytheon Grievance Chairperson
H.J. Lewis       6
Ken Lovelace 11 *

* denotes winner/runoff


Positions previously filled by acclamation:
2nd Vice President - Kurt Ingalls
Financial Secretary - Jeff Benge
Recording Secretary - Gene Lantz
Sergeant-at-Arms - Chuck Youngblood
Guide - Erica Rogers
Lockheed Grievance Chairperson - Kyle Dubberke
Lockheed Committeeperson, Zone 1 - Frankie McIntire
Lockheed Steward, District 10 - Lorenzo Taylor
Lockheed Committeeperson, Zone 2 - Robert Wilson
Lockheed Steward, District 20 - Johnny Modgling
Lockheed Steward, 2nd shift - Patrick Cundy
Raytheon Committeeperzon, Zone 2 - David Pickron
Raytheon Steward, Districts 1-4 - David Berrera

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Lockheed Contract Ratification

On Sunday, October 16th, the Lockheed Martin unit of UAW Local 848 ratified the proposed Tentative Agreement that was presented. The membership of Lockheed Martin spoke and voted to ratify the 3-year Agreement by 73%. David Barker, UAW International Representative, talked about the job the negotiating team did during the three-week hard fought negotiation. He expressed that there was a concern at one point that we may not get to the point of a recommendable tentative agreement. It was Mr. Barker’s final pitch that got the Company to rise to acceptable levels on several Economic issues. The Company then brought key Economic demands up to a recommendable level from the negotiation team. I commend David Barker, Kyle Dubberke, Frankie McIntire, and David Sartor for the hard work and persistence throughout these negotiations and congratulate them on behalf of the members of UAW 848. It is with great appreciation that we go forward with another solid contract behind us and we continue to work on the challenges of the Red Oak Agreement.

James Ducker, President

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A Look Back at Our Local's History

Check out this article that Retiree President and Aerospace Editor Gene Lantz put out as a pamphlet back in 1985 and his thoughts about how that struggle has impacted us today!

The Easiest Way to Slow the Economy

America's wages are not what's hurting manufacturing. It's currency manipulation and unfair trade practices. Germany’s average manufacturing hourly pay was $48.98 in 2013, one-third higher than in the U.S. Yet Germany’s manufacturing sector has remained stable in the face of competition from China, while the U.S. has lost 5.4 million manufacturing jobs since 1997. If higher wages hurt manufacturing competitiveness, we would expect Germany to be doing worse than the U.S.

Check out these articles from the Economic Policy Institute:

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Take Action: Sign me up for Fair Trade

I took an action on Action Network called "Sign me up for Fair Trade."

Early in 2016, Congress will probably vote on yet another of their secret "free trade agreements." Like NAFTA and the others, it was all planned out by corporations without any workers or environmentalists. Big Pharma was among those corporations and high drug prices are always their priority! Sign up to fight for Fair Trade, not "free trade!"

Can you join me and take action? Click here:


Gene Lantz
Retiree President
UAW Local 848

MSF Policy Changes

Marshall Street management continues to make policy changes that, at best, appear very questionable. At the membership meeting on Sunday, August 16th, many members voiced their concerns over several policy changes that Triumph management has announced recently. The most recent change regarding the Quality Policy was the most discussed.

Members talked about how the Company is not accurately distributing WT’s to the appropriate employee. Their statements were followed with suggestions by leadership. Brian Caldwell expressed that all assemblers should regularly check what WT’s, tags, or other defects may be charged to them. If there is an error, immediately address it with your supervisor and Steward. Another scenario that was discussed was to make sure planning is concurrent to any WT or defect. One member pointed out that she had built an assembly to one planning that was then changed after she built it, and the Company attempted to discipline her on the new planning.

Grievance Chairman Fernando Argumaniz, the Grievance Committee, and our Stewards have been very busy preparing to resolve issues these new policies have created. Several policy grievances have been filed, and charges to attain relief through the National Labor Relations Board are also being sought.

We will keep the membership informed with any results we see in our attempts to resolve these issues that have not been negotiated with us, and attempt to find positive remedies.

James Ducker
UAW Local 848

848 Continues its Efforts to Secure a Red Oak CBA and Jefferson Street Closure Effects Agreement

On July 29, 2015, UAW Local 848 and its Red Oak negotiating team again went to the bargaining table with Triumph in an attempt to secure a Collective Bargaining Agreement for the Red Oak facility. Unfortunately, no Agreement has been reached at this time. The next date that the Company has available and has agreed to meet with the Union is August 25, 2015.

On August 28, 2015, the Union will meet with Triumph and continue to negotiate the effects of the closure of the Jefferson Street facility.

Please keep the efforts of Local 848 and its bargaining teams in your prayers and prayer circles.

In Solidarity,
James Ducker
UAW Local 848

Ongoing Negotiations

Local 848 has been extremely busy since the beginning of the year and it appears there’s not any slowing down in sight. Early this year, Local 848 began its collective bargaining efforts with Raytheon and completed an Agreement, but left unfinished business with respect to effects bargaining that has yet to be completed. We look forward to receiving dates from Raytheon soon to enter into those talks relating to the closure of its present facility and the move to its new facility in Richardson, TX. Those dates will be published when they are known.

On March 23, 2015, the Triumph Marshall Street negotiations began and by the 24th of April, the Company’s last, best, and final proposal was presented to the negotiating committee. On April 27, 2015, the membership ratified the Agreement. During those negotiations, effects bargaining for the closure of Triumph’s Jefferson Street facility began, however both sides agreed that the effects negotiations would have to continue outside of the Marshall Street negotiations. Those dates will be publicized when they are set.

That brings us to our latest efforts to secure an Agreement for Triumph’s Red Oak facility. In early May, the temporary negotiating committee started putting together the Union’s proposals based on a survey of the bargaining unit employees, coupling both economic and non-economic proposals to be presented to the Company. The temporary committee is manned by Adam Rondon, Corey Gregg, and Jimmy Ricks and they have worked fervently to prepare the Union’s proposals for the first-time Agreement at the Red Oak facility.

The Company and the Union continue to set dates for further negotiations in an attempt to get an Agreement. Both the International Union and Local 848 are committed to reaching a fair and equitable Agreement for the collective bargaining unit at Triumph’s Red Oak facility.

There has been an informational meeting set for the employees that signed Union membership cards. If you are a bargaining unit employee at Red Oak who has not yet signed a membership card and wish to attend the informational meeting, there will be membership cards available for you to fill out and turn in at the meeting location. This is an important meeting and a great opportunity for Red Oak bargaining unit employees to gather information and voice their opinions. The meeting is set for June 30, 2015 at the Waxahachie Civic Center. There will be a meeting for second shift employees at 1:30pm and one for first shift employees at 3:45pm. I strongly encourage the bargaining unit employees of Red Oak to attend. Again, there will be membership cards available for employees that have not yet signed a membership card but wish to do so and attend the meeting.

As I previously stated, negotiations are ongoing with much work to do for the Red Oak facility, Jefferson Street closure effects, and Raytheon’s move effects bargaining all still in front of us. I ask all of our members, their families, and prayer circles to include these tasks in your prayers. Pray that favor goes before us in all three of these daunting tasks so we may achieve fair and settled Agreements.

In Solidarity,
James Ducker
UAW Local 848


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Triumph Benefits Coordinator

Per Letter of Agreement 8 in the 2010 Triumph CBA and due to the decrease in the number of Marshall Street bargaining unit employees, the Triumph Benefits Coordinator's (Brett Buie) hours have changed. He is now available Monday through Friday in the afternoons at the Union Hall. Brett can be reached during this time (or you can leave a message for him at any time) at 972-264-2439 or

Negotiations Update - December 9, 2014

Arbitrator Rules

Brothers and Sisters,

Late on Friday, December 5, 2014, the Union was notified that the arbitrator had made his decision known. It is a great disappointment that our policy grievance arbitration did not go our way. We have not received the written decision yet, but we expect it soon.

I held informational meetings at the plant for first and second shift Triumph employees on Monday, December 8, 2014. We are in the process of calling a special call Executive Board meeting so that we can hold a special members meeting on December 14, 2014 to discuss this turn of events and how it affects our Local and our membership.

In Solidarity,
James Ducker
UAW Local 848

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“Thanksgiving” is a series of articles submitted by UAW Local 848 members and posted on the website for the purpose of uplifting our members in this time of struggle. This series is intended to be posted from November 26, 2014 until January 2, 2015.

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Arbitration Update - October 24, 2014

Final briefs were submitted by both parties to the arbitrator on Tuesday, October 21, 2014. We are hoping to have an answer within 45 days, as this is the time period in which most arbitrations are settled. We will let you know when we learn the outcome of this very important judgement.

Information for Members on Layoff

To remain a UAW Local 848 member in good standing after being laid off, the following steps must be adhered to:

• Within the last ten (10) days of the first six (6) months of being laid off, you must submit a letter to the Financial Secretary of Local 848 requesting to remain in good standing.
• To remain in good standing, a similar letter must be delivered in person or sent via certified or registered mail within the last ten (10) days of each successive month.
• In other words, your letter must be received within the last ten (10) days of the month before the month you wish to remain in good standing.
• The letter should contain the following information:
   o Request to remain in good standing
   o Name
   o Address
   o Phone Number
   o Clock Number

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter and your desire to remain a member in good standing with Local 848.

Jeffery Benge
Financial Secretary
UAW Local 848

Triumph Contract Negotiations

Check for updates on the Triumph Negotiations under the "2013 Contract Negotiations" category here!

UAW 848 Leadership

Executive Board
President, Chase Buie
1st Vice President, Anthony Esparza
2nd Vice President, Kurt Ingalls
Recording Secretary, Gene Lantz
Financial Secretary, Jeffery Benge
Trustee, Eddie Conway
Trustee, Billy Watson
Trustee, Gary Worthington
Sergeant-at-Arms, Chuck Youngblood
Guide, Erica Reed
Retiree Representative, George Gregory

Bombardier Leadership
Chairperson, Tommy Bulin
Committeeperson (1st Shift), Richard Guerra
Committeeperson (2nd Shift), Jase Rudd

Lockheed Leadership
Chairperson, Kyle Dubberke
Committeeperson (Zone 1), Frankie McIntire
Steward (District 10), Lorenzo Taylor
Committeeperson (Zone 2), Robert Wilson
Steward (District 20), Johnny Modgling
Steward (2nd Shift), Patrick Cundy

Raytheon Leadership
Chairperson, Ken Lovelace
Committeeperson (Zone 1), Brandon McCandless
Committeeperson (Zone 2), David Pickron
Steward (Districts 1-4), David Berrera

Triumph, Marshall Street Leadership
Chairperson, Shane Curry
Committeeperson (Zone 2), Kenny Nimmo
Committeeperson (Zone 7), Dana Hamilton
Committeeperson (Zone 8), Robert Moreno

Triumph, Red Oak Leadership
Chairperson, Adam Rondon
Committeeperson (Assembly), Billy Long
Committeeperson (Bond/Support), Corey Gregg
Committeeperson (2nd Shift), Shannon Harris
Shop Steward, Albert Esparza

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Listen to Retirees, Learn History

Listen to Retirees, Learn History

by Gene Lantz

Fidel Conde was one of about 500 Mexican Americans brought from the Valley to LTV while Lyndon Johnson was President. Many of them, and their descendants, made aircraft parts there for the rest of their careers.

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Without Labor Unions You Would Not Have...
  1. Weekends without work
  2. All breaks at work, including your lunch break
  3. Paid vacation
  4. Family and Medical Leave (FMLA)
  5. Sick Leave
  6. Social Security
  7. Medicare
  8. Minimum Wage
  9. Civil Rights Act / Title VII (Prohibits discrimination in hiring)
  10. An 8-hour work day
  11. A 40-hour work week
  12. Overtime pay
  13. Child labor laws
  14. Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA)
  15. Worker’s Compensation
  16. Unemployment Insurance
  17. Pensions
  18. Workplace safety standards and regulations
  19. Employer health care insurance
  20. Employer dental, life, and vision insurance
  21. Collective bargaining rights for employees
  22. Wrongful termination laws
  23. Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA)
  24. Whistleblower protection laws
  25. Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA) – Prohibits employers from using a lie detector test on an employee
  26. Veteran’s Employment and Training Services (VETS)
  27. Compensation increases and evaluations
  28. Sexual harassment laws
  29. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  30. Holiday pay
  31. Privacy rights
  32. Pregnancy and parental leave
  33. Military leave
  34. The right to strike
  35. Public education for children
  36. Equal Pay Acts of 1963 and 2011 – Requires employers to pay men and women equally for the same work
  37. Laws ending sweat shops in the United States

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