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UAW 848 Leadership

Executive Board
President, Chase Buie
1st Vice President, Anthony Esparza
2nd Vice President, Kurt Ingalls
Recording Secretary, Gene Lantz
Financial Secretary, Jeffery Benge
Trustee, Eddie Conway
Trustee, Billy Watson
Trustee, Gary Worthington
Sergeant-at-Arms, Chuck Youngblood
Guide, Erica Reed
Retiree President, Terry Brooks

Triumph Leadership
Chairperson, Shane Curry
Committeeperson (Zone 2), Kenny Nimmo
Committeeperson (Zone 7), Shannon Moore
Committeeperson (Zone 8), Robert Moreno

Lockheed Leadership
Chairperson, Kyle Dubberke
Committeeperson (Zone 1), Frankie McIntire
Steward (District 10), Lorenzo Taylor
Committeeperson (Zone 2), Robert Wilson
Steward (District 20), Johnny Modgling
Steward (2nd shift), Patrick Cundy

Raytheon Leadership
Chairperson, Ken Lovelace
Committeeperson (Zone 1), Brandon McCandless
Committeeperson (Zone 2), David Pickron
Steward (Districts 1-4), David Berrera

Red Oak Informational Meeting


DATE: October 2, 2017
TIME: 1:30 p.m. – 2nd shift, 3:30 p.m. – 1st shift
PLACE: Red Oak Municipal Center, Pitts Room, 200 Lakeview Parkway, Red Oak, TX 75154


From the President

Now that I have had a few months to get settled into my new role as President of our great Local, I would like to share with you some updates and insights that I have gathered.

At our Triumph Marshall Street facility, rumors are flying. Some of these rumors spread gloom and doom, while others promise good news. Gossip on the shop floor is nothing new, but the uncertainty that most people feel right now has elevated these speculations to a fever pitch.

It is important to remember that, until we see something in writing or hear it “from the horse’s mouth”, they are just rumors.

That being said, Chairperson Shane Curry and his Grievance Committee are investigating all rumors and issues with our 747 and 767 programs and will continue to do so as they are brought to our attention.

The only thing we can do right now is continue to put out the quality products that we are known for. We must prove, on a daily basis, that we are and will continue to be the best in the industry.

The Lockheed Martin facility has come across a few of its own challenges in the recent months. I have been working closely with Chairperson Kyle Dubberke and his Grievance Committee to ensure that these issues will be resolved. As with most things, these matters will take time and a lot of work to fix, but everyone in Leadership is prepared to do whatever is necessary.

As I came into office, one of the last things that former President Ducker did was take me to an effects bargaining session for the Raytheon facility. We feel that both parties benefited from these talks and it was a shining example of how negotiations can work when both sides are willing to meet in good faith and attempt to find common ground.

The Red Oak negotiations have been both challenging and eye-opening. Though there has been a lot of progress, there are still several key issues that need to be negotiated collectively that are crucial to what we stand for. It is important to remember that our power comes from our numbers and that we must all stand behind our Negotiating Committee as they pour their time and energy into doing what is best for us all.

The most important message that I want to convey to our Union Brothers and Sisters is that we must stand together during these trying times. We are blessed with a Leadership team that is here to support all four of our Local’s Bargaining Units, but this team is only as strong as its Membership. You ARE the Union, and we can’t do it without you.

In Solidarity,
President Chase Buie 

2017 Runoff Election Results

Runoff Election Results - June 13, 2017

Chase Buie         197 *
John Kursteiner  177

Triumph  MSF Grievance Chairperson
Shane Curry  127 *
Kerry Becker  112

Retiree President and Aerospace Editor Gene Lantz reports on Summer School 2017. Read more >>>

2017 Election Results

Election Results - June 6, 2017

Gary Tessmar     94
Chase Buie         95 *
James Ducker    71
John Kursteiner 123 *

1st Vice President
Danny Splawn 168
Anthony Esparza 206 *

Trustees (3)
Eddie Conway       207 *
Billy Watson           147 *
Gary Worthington  204 *
Keith Patterson      137
Thien Ho                 117

Triumph MSF Grievance Chairperson
Fernando Argumaniz 44
Kerry Becker                69 *
Shane Curry                66 *
David John Jakstas   45

Triumph MSF Committeeperson, Zone 2
Randy Franklin  32
Kenny Nimmo   44 *

Triumph MSF Committeeperson, Zone 7
Shannon Moore  25 *
Duane Eldredge 6

Triumph MSF Committeeperson, Zone 8
Robert J. Moreno 69 *
Doyle Freeman    48

Raytheon Grievance Chairperson
H.J. Lewis       6
Ken Lovelace 11 *

* denotes winner/runoff


Positions previously filled by acclamation:
2nd Vice President - Kurt Ingalls
Financial Secretary - Jeff Benge
Recording Secretary - Gene Lantz
Sergeant-at-Arms - Chuck Youngblood
Guide - Erica Rogers
Lockheed Grievance Chairperson - Kyle Dubberke
Lockheed Committeeperson, Zone 1 - Frankie McIntire
Lockheed Steward, District 10 - Lorenzo Taylor
Lockheed Committeeperson, Zone 2 - Robert Wilson
Lockheed Steward, District 20 - Johnny Modgling
Lockheed Steward, 2nd shift - Patrick Cundy
Raytheon Committeeperzon, Zone 2 - David Pickron
Raytheon Steward, Districts 1-4 - David Berrera

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Lockheed Contract Ratification

On Sunday, October 16th, the Lockheed Martin unit of UAW Local 848 ratified the proposed Tentative Agreement that was presented. The membership of Lockheed Martin spoke and voted to ratify the 3-year Agreement by 73%. David Barker, UAW International Representative, talked about the job the negotiating team did during the three-week hard fought negotiation. He expressed that there was a concern at one point that we may not get to the point of a recommendable tentative agreement. It was Mr. Barker’s final pitch that got the Company to rise to acceptable levels on several Economic issues. The Company then brought key Economic demands up to a recommendable level from the negotiation team. I commend David Barker, Kyle Dubberke, Frankie McIntire, and David Sartor for the hard work and persistence throughout these negotiations and congratulate them on behalf of the members of UAW 848. It is with great appreciation that we go forward with another solid contract behind us and we continue to work on the challenges of the Red Oak Agreement.

James Ducker, President

Organizer Cristina Tzintzún spoke with Local 848 grievance handlers and negotiators on August 15th. Read more >>>

A Look Back at Our Local's History

Check out this article that Retiree President and Aerospace Editor Gene Lantz put out as a pamphlet back in 1985 and his thoughts about how that struggle has impacted us today!

The new Steering Committee met on December 2nd to discuss the issues at Triumph. Read more >>>

Take Action: Sign me up for Fair Trade

I took an action on Action Network called "Sign me up for Fair Trade."

Early in 2016, Congress will probably vote on yet another of their secret "free trade agreements." Like NAFTA and the others, it was all planned out by corporations without any workers or environmentalists. Big Pharma was among those corporations and high drug prices are always their priority! Sign up to fight for Fair Trade, not "free trade!"

Can you join me and take action? Click here:


Gene Lantz
Retiree President
UAW Local 848

MSF Policy Changes

Marshall Street management continues to make policy changes that, at best, appear very questionable. At the membership meeting on Sunday, August 16th, many members voiced their concerns over several policy changes that Triumph management has announced recently. The most recent change regarding the Quality Policy was the most discussed.

Members talked about how the Company is not accurately distributing WT’s to the appropriate employee. Their statements were followed with suggestions by leadership. Brian Caldwell expressed that all assemblers should regularly check what WT’s, tags, or other defects may be charged to them. If there is an error, immediately address it with your supervisor and Steward. Another scenario that was discussed was to make sure planning is concurrent to any WT or defect. One member pointed out that she had built an assembly to one planning that was then changed after she built it, and the Company attempted to discipline her on the new planning.

Grievance Chairman Fernando Argumaniz, the Grievance Committee, and our Stewards have been very busy preparing to resolve issues these new policies have created. Several policy grievances have been filed, and charges to attain relief through the National Labor Relations Board are also being sought.

We will keep the membership informed with any results we see in our attempts to resolve these issues that have not been negotiated with us, and attempt to find positive remedies.

James Ducker
UAW Local 848

Local 848 retirees help sponsor the upcoming Labor Day picnic in Hurst on September 6th. Read more >>>

Ongoing Negotiations

Local 848 has been extremely busy since the beginning of the year and it appears there’s not any slowing down in sight. Early this year, Local 848 began its collective bargaining efforts with Raytheon and completed an Agreement, but left unfinished business with respect to effects bargaining that has yet to be completed. We look forward to receiving dates from Raytheon soon to enter into those talks relating to the closure of its present facility and the move to its new facility in Richardson, TX. Those dates will be published when they are known.

On March 23, 2015, the Triumph Marshall Street negotiations began and by the 24th of April, the Company’s last, best, and final proposal was presented to the negotiating committee. On April 27, 2015, the membership ratified the Agreement. During those negotiations, effects bargaining for the closure of Triumph’s Jefferson Street facility began, however both sides agreed that the effects negotiations would have to continue outside of the Marshall Street negotiations. Those dates will be publicized when they are set.

That brings us to our latest efforts to secure an Agreement for Triumph’s Red Oak facility. In early May, the temporary negotiating committee started putting together the Union’s proposals based on a survey of the bargaining unit employees, coupling both economic and non-economic proposals to be presented to the Company. The temporary committee is manned by Adam Rondon, Corey Gregg, and Jimmy Ricks and they have worked fervently to prepare the Union’s proposals for the first-time Agreement at the Red Oak facility.

The Company and the Union continue to set dates for further negotiations in an attempt to get an Agreement. Both the International Union and Local 848 are committed to reaching a fair and equitable Agreement for the collective bargaining unit at Triumph’s Red Oak facility.

There has been an informational meeting set for the employees that signed Union membership cards. If you are a bargaining unit employee at Red Oak who has not yet signed a membership card and wish to attend the informational meeting, there will be membership cards available for you to fill out and turn in at the meeting location. This is an important meeting and a great opportunity for Red Oak bargaining unit employees to gather information and voice their opinions. The meeting is set for June 30, 2015 at the Waxahachie Civic Center. There will be a meeting for second shift employees at 1:30pm and one for first shift employees at 3:45pm. I strongly encourage the bargaining unit employees of Red Oak to attend. Again, there will be membership cards available for employees that have not yet signed a membership card but wish to do so and attend the meeting.

As I previously stated, negotiations are ongoing with much work to do for the Red Oak facility, Jefferson Street closure effects, and Raytheon’s move effects bargaining all still in front of us. I ask all of our members, their families, and prayer circles to include these tasks in your prayers. Pray that favor goes before us in all three of these daunting tasks so we may achieve fair and settled Agreements.

In Solidarity,
James Ducker
UAW Local 848


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Local 848 June Membership Meeting

Reminder: The Local 848 June Membership Meeting is delayed by a week so members may celebrate Father's Day. The meeting will be on June 28th at 2:00pm.

Triumph Benefits Coordinator

Per Letter of Agreement 8 in the 2010 Triumph CBA and due to the decrease in the number of Marshall Street bargaining unit employees, the Triumph Benefits Coordinator's (Brett Buie) hours have changed. He is now available Monday through Friday in the afternoons at the Union Hall. Brett can be reached during this time (or you can leave a message for him at any time) at 972-264-2439 or

The latest edition of Solidarity magazine is online!

The March-April 2015 edition of the Solidarity magazine can be viewed at:

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The first installment of a series of "Thanksgiving" articles. Read more >>>


“Thanksgiving” is a series of articles submitted by UAW Local 848 members and posted on the website for the purpose of uplifting our members in this time of struggle. This series is intended to be posted from November 26, 2014 until January 2, 2015.

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Information for Members on Layoff

To remain a UAW Local 848 member in good standing after being laid off, the following steps must be adhered to:

• Within the last ten (10) days of the first six (6) months of being laid off, you must submit a letter to the Financial Secretary of Local 848 requesting to remain in good standing.
• To remain in good standing, a similar letter must be delivered in person or sent via certified or registered mail within the last ten (10) days of each successive month.
• In other words, your letter must be received within the last ten (10) days of the month before the month you wish to remain in good standing.
• The letter should contain the following information:
   o Request to remain in good standing
   o Name
   o Address
   o Phone Number
   o Clock Number

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter and your desire to remain a member in good standing with Local 848.

Jeffery Benge
Financial Secretary
UAW Local 848

Information to all UAW Local 848 members regarding the passing of a union dues increase at the UAW Constitutional Convention. Read more >>>

Results from the May 6, 2014 Second General Election Runoff


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Results from the April 29, 2014 General Election Runoff


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Without Labor Unions You Would Not Have...
  1. Weekends without work
  2. All breaks at work, including your lunch break
  3. Paid vacation
  4. Family and Medical Leave (FMLA)
  5. Sick Leave
  6. Social Security
  7. Medicare
  8. Minimum Wage
  9. Civil Rights Act / Title VII (Prohibits discrimination in hiring)
  10. An 8-hour work day
  11. A 40-hour work week
  12. Overtime pay
  13. Child labor laws
  14. Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA)
  15. Worker’s Compensation
  16. Unemployment Insurance
  17. Pensions
  18. Workplace safety standards and regulations
  19. Employer health care insurance
  20. Employer dental, life, and vision insurance
  21. Collective bargaining rights for employees
  22. Wrongful termination laws
  23. Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA)
  24. Whistleblower protection laws
  25. Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA) – Prohibits employers from using a lie detector test on an employee
  26. Veteran’s Employment and Training Services (VETS)
  27. Compensation increases and evaluations
  28. Sexual harassment laws
  29. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  30. Holiday pay
  31. Privacy rights
  32. Pregnancy and parental leave
  33. Military leave
  34. The right to strike
  35. Public education for children
  36. Equal Pay Acts of 1963 and 2011 – Requires employers to pay men and women equally for the same work
  37. Laws ending sweat shops in the United States

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Union Leader Update from Texas Democratic Party

Jacob Stewart, Political Director for Texas Democrats, said that Bill White lost the governor’s race in 2010 by 610,000 votes. It may seem like a lot, but there are over 7 million eligible voters who remain unregistered! Texas has the lowest voter participation rate in the United States! Texas Democrats have greatly improved their electronic. Stewart said, “We raised $200,000 on line just in the last couple of months!”

The Democrats’ data base includes every registered voter in the state.

The Texas Democrats are interviewing prospects for a North Texas regional director. Austin and Houston already have directors. They are looking for candidates and winnable races throughout the state.

The Texas Democrats are working on a statewide program to combat voter suppression. One important aspect of it will be to encourage eligible voters, mostly seniors, to vote by mail.


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FLOC Gets Help in Dallas

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2013 Presidential Inauguration Pictures

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UAW 848 Leaders & Retiree Support OurWalmart

A video made by Retiree President Gene Lantz showing Local 848's support of OurWalmart can be found here.

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Online Petition to Stop the Sale of Triumph's Land

Click here if you would like to sign the petition!

"Keep the Jefferson Plant Open!"

If anybody anywhere thought UAW Local 848 members were going to sit by like sheep while somebody maneuvered to take away some of our jobs, they must have received a shock on August 20-21 when union leadership became aware of the threat. Local 848 members are signing petitions, making calls, and making contacts to make the demand that the Jefferson Facility remain open despite ominous recent events involving the sale of the land underneath it. A capacity crowd turned out to the union hall on Tuesday, August 21, to discuss what we knew so far and to put our best thinking into solutions. Read more >>>

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