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Triumph Contract Negotiations

RO Negotiations & MSF Updates - October 9, 2015

Red Oak Negotiations and Marshall Street Updates

The Union asked the Triumph Red Oak negotiating team to enter into full bargaining during the most recent round of non-economic negotiations. The Company agreed that the parties will commence both economic and non-economic negotiations October 26-29, 2015. Additional dates are to be determined between the parties.

Prior to the October 6, 2015 Red Oak negotiating session, the Union filed unfair labor practice charges against Triumph Red Oak. Both the International Union and its Local 848 have and will continue to work towards a resolution and a first-time Agreement for Red Oak employees.

Local 848 Chairman Fernando Argumaniz has filed several charges and policy grievances at Triumph Marshall Street in an attempt to curtail labor practices that are in violation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement and/or labor law. When Triumph Marshall Street management announced the contractual issues they are experiencing with Boeing, they created many questions and concerns for the membership of Local 848.

While management cannot provide us with the ultimate outcome of the situation, Local 848 with the support of the UAW International will continue to work towards a positive resolution. I am calling for the support of the membership to help in this effort. I will ask the Executive Board at our upcoming meeting to assemble a steering committee to review and develop an effort to meet the challenges that we are facing.

As individual members, the most immediate things we can do are to review personal and family goals, both financial and career, and develop contingency plans. The members of Local 848 have met a great deal of adversity during the last 2 years as a result of Triumph’s business decisions. We can overcome. We cannot afford to quit performing our jobs, nor can we let the Company divide us. Together we may be able to influence the outcome, divided we would most certainly escalate negative outcomes.

Please include our efforts in all of your prayers; that God will give us favor in all of the UAW’s efforts and for positive resolution to our challenges. There will be further information communicated as it becomes available. In the meantime, get involved! If you would like to volunteer for a steering committee, contact me at the Hall (972-264-2431).

In Solidarity,
James Ducker
UAW Local 848

848 Continues its Efforts to Secure a Red Oak CBA and Jefferson Street Closure Effects Agreement

On July 29, 2015, UAW Local 848 and its Red Oak negotiating team again went to the bargaining table with Triumph in an attempt to secure a Collective Bargaining Agreement for the Red Oak facility. Unfortunately, no Agreement has been reached at this time. The next date that the Company has available and has agreed to meet with the Union is August 25, 2015.

On August 28, 2015, the Union will meet with Triumph and continue to negotiate the effects of the closure of the Jefferson Street facility.

Please keep the efforts of Local 848 and its bargaining teams in your prayers and prayer circles.

In Solidarity,
James Ducker
UAW Local 848

Triumph's Marshall Street members held a ratification vote on Sunday, April 26, 2015. Read more >>>

The Dallas AFL-CIO Central Labor Council shows its support for Local 848 during Triumph contract negotiations. Read more >>>

The CPC meets every Wednesday at 4pm! Read more >>>

Negotiations Update - February 18, 2015

One Down, Two to Go!

On Friday, February 6, 2015, the Raytheon unit of Local 848 set a historic mark when its members ratified the tentative agreement negotiated by the Raytheon negotiating team. This was the first time in Local 848’s history that an Agreement was accepted by 100% of the members that came to vote, which was an impressive 94% of eligible voters. There is little question that the vote was by and large supported because of the commitment Raytheon made to recognize the Union at its new facility, but also agreed to recognize the Collective Bargaining Agreement at its new location. Congratulations to Raytheon Chairman David Berrera and Committeemen Ray Besherse and Ken Lovelace! UAW International Representative Wendell Helms maneuvered the Raytheon team not only to a successful contract, but also negotiated a significant grievance settlement that helped avert arbitration. Lindsay Portier made a significant contribution with document preparation and control. Good job team!!

The “two to go” refers to negotiating contracts for Triumph’s Marshall Street and Red Oak facilities. These negotiations are on the immediate horizon and both present unique challenges for their respective negotiating teams.

At a summit with Triumph on February 16, 2015, the parties met to discuss the three Triumph facilities with pending negotiations (Marshall Street, Red Oak, and Tulsa). At this meeting, the Union proposed start dates for negotiations at both Local 848-represented sites and the Tulsa facility. A tentative agreement was made to begin negotiations for the Marshall Street facility on March 23, 2015. A very aggressive negotiating schedule was proposed by the Union, including negotiations for a first-time Agreement for the Red Oak facility set to begin April 20, 2015 and negotiations for a first-time Agreement for the Tulsa, OK facility under Local 952 set to begin May 18, 2015. The only date tentatively agreed to by the Company was the start date of March 23, 2015 for Marshall Street negotiations.

For the Marshall Street negotiating team, UAW International Representative Wendell Helms represents the UAW International Union and acts as our primary spokesperson. I, James Ducker, represent the Local Union for both Marshall Street and Red Oak facilities. The Marshall Street bargaining committee consists of Chairman Fernando Argumaniz and Committeemen Terry Brooks, Dana Hamilton, and Phil Alley (Ken Loyd has been appointed to act in Phil’s stead as Phil continues to recover from an illness, praise the Lord).

After witnessing both the all-hands meeting at MSF on Friday, February 13, 2015 and the summit on Monday, February 16, 2015, it has become clear to me that the Company’s message to Marshall Street is this: as the 747 program goes, so goes Marshall Street. At the summit, the Union proposed to entertain a retirement incentive coupled with reworking the current pre-65 retiree healthcare. This could go a long way in giving the Company some relief in the cost crisis they are experiencing. The proposal was met with a lukewarm reception from the Company’s representatives.

The Marshall Street negotiating team has been preparing to negotiate the expired Agreement that we are currently under for the last couple of months. I pray for favor in this process and that the management team brings the same commitment for the employees of Marshall Street that they asked of its employees at the all-hands meeting. I absolutely believe that if both of the Company and the Union bring reasonableness to the negotiating table, an acceptable Agreement may be completed in the timeframe presented by the Union. Because we have an established Collective Bargaining Agreement coupled with a reasonable approach, the three-week timeline could be met. The Company’s representatives should recognize that if they were to lift the cloud of uncertainty and commit to their employees, many of the moral and other issues that have bogged down the facility will likely improve. The Union stands ready to move forward with a renewed relationship with the Company.

The proposed start date for negotiations for the Red Oak facility was April 20, 2015, as presented by the Union. The Company deferred commitment to that date. The Red Oak negotiating team includes UAW International Representative Wendell Helms representing the UAW International Union, myself representing the Local Union, and a temporary bargaining committee made up of Adam Rondon, Corey Gregg, and Jimmy Ricks. Red Oak’s management team presented new work going to its facility which promises a fairly stable workload and small changes in its foreseen workforce requirements.

While I personally believe that a three-week timeframe to negotiate a first-time Agreement would be very aggressive, it could happen if both parties come to the table with open minds and foresight. There will be interim meetings with Collective Bargaining Unit employees soon, including a mass meeting followed by several planning meetings. To volunteer to help with the cause to assure a favorable Collective Bargaining Agreement, contact us at the Union Hall at 972-264-2431.

The summit also pertained to a Triumph facility located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This site is represented by UAW International Representative Wendell Helms and UAW Local 952. Representing the Local is President David Barker and the temporary bargaining committee made up of Craig Halverson, Todd Stidham, and Dwight Miles. The Company spoke to the Gulfstream programs G650 and G280. We wish our Brothers from Tulsa the best and support them in their efforts to secure their work and a first-time Agreement in Tulsa.

In closing, positive things came out of the summit, as we had hoped. We foresee that both Marshall Street and Red Oak can achieve labor Agreements going forward. The Union stands to carry reasonableness to the negotiating table. Please pray for favor and success from the Lord Almighty in these efforts. Thank you to all of the negotiating team members that have accepted the challenges in front of them.

James Ducker
UAW Local 848

Negotiations Update - December 9, 2014

Arbitrator Rules

Brothers and Sisters,

Late on Friday, December 5, 2014, the Union was notified that the arbitrator had made his decision known. It is a great disappointment that our policy grievance arbitration did not go our way. We have not received the written decision yet, but we expect it soon.

I held informational meetings at the plant for first and second shift Triumph employees on Monday, December 8, 2014. We are in the process of calling a special call Executive Board meeting so that we can hold a special members meeting on December 14, 2014 to discuss this turn of events and how it affects our Local and our membership.

In Solidarity,
James Ducker
UAW Local 848

Arbitration Update - October 24, 2014

Final briefs were submitted by both parties to the arbitrator on Tuesday, October 21, 2014. We are hoping to have an answer within 45 days, as this is the time period in which most arbitrations are settled. We will let you know when we learn the outcome of this very important judgement.

Arbitration Final Briefs Delayed

The date for final briefs to be submitted to the arbitrator was originally September 5, 2014.  The Company asked for a 20-day extension because its lawyers were out of town and unavailable on that date.  On September 25, 2014, the Union's lawyers were set to appear in a higher court on another matter and could not submit the final brief that day.  The Union's lawyers have now requested a 15-day extension from that date, and final briefs should be submitted by both parties at that time.

Attorney Rod Tanner spoke to Local 848's membership at the August memebership meeting. Read more >>>

NLRB Appeal Update - August 11, 2014

The NLRB previously ruled that Triumph/Vought was not required to bargain
the "relocation decision" and that the Company did not "bargain in bad faith".
The UAW appealed that decision. The NLRB has denied the UAW's appeal.

The NLRB appeal denial has no effect on the other NLRB charges against
Triumph/Vought and has no effect on the Recognition Arbitration case
between Triumph/Vought and the UAW.

Letter to Members - January 31, 2014

Members of Local 848,

It is disheartening to report that the NLRB did not rule in our favor with UAW’s charges against the company. We are currently preparing for our arbitration which is scheduled at a later date. UAW members need to keep the faith and trust in what the UAW stands for! We may have lost a battle but we have not lost the war.

In Solidarity,
Your Negotiating Committee


Negotiations Updates - January 13, 2014

The parties met for effects bargaining on Monday, January 13, 2014. The Union gave the Company a modified proposal on behalf of affected employees. The Union is conferring with the Company for future meeting dates to continue effects bargaining.

The parties have also agreed to return to the bargaining table on Wednesday, January 22, 2014 to discuss a successor contract for the Jefferson Street Facility and Marshall Street Facility.


Letter from UAW International Rep. Wendell Helms Re: Resumption of Collective Bargaining/Successor Contract Read more >>>

Effects Bargaining - January 13, 2014

On Monday, January 13, 2014, the Union and Company will meet to discuss effects bargaining. The Union will keep you posted with any relevant news as negotiations continue.


60-day notice received from Triumph Aerostructures. Read more >>>

Arbitrator Selected

The Company and the Union have selected an arbitrator. We are going to move forward with our legal position. Thank you for your patience and support.


Standing Room Only

Members that attended Sunday’s meeting recognize that we are all concerned with our contract situation and they wanted to show their support. For those members that were not in attendance, our message is the same – stand strong with your Leadership, prepare yourselves and your families for the worst, and pray for the best.

As your Leadership continues to work on the strategies set forth, it is imperative that the membership support the effort to achieve a contract that includes Red Oak!

Your Negotiating Committee



IF we go on strike, we have filed Unfair Labor Practice (“ULP”) charges against the Company for denying the recognition of the Successor Clause in our Collective Bargaining Agreement.

You cannot be replaced for engaging in an Unfair Labor Practice (“ULP”) strike.

Remember, we all agreed that Red Oak is our future…

If we strike, it will be a “ULP” strike!


Letter from UAW International Rep. Wendell Helms to Danielle Garrett Read more >>>

Strike Q&A

Question – Can I be terminated for adhering to a strike?
Answer – No. It is your right under the CBA that an employee can strike.

Question – What is the penalty for members that cross the picket line?
Answer – The UAW does not typically impose penalties.

Question – Do I have to participate to receive strike benefits? What if I become ill?
Answer – Yes. You must do whatever strike duty is assigned to receive strike benefits. If you are unable to meet your assignment due to illness or an emergency, call your local Union headquarters and advise them of the reason(s) why you are unable to carry out your assignment.

Question – What happens to insurance after the 5-day termination letter has been sent?
Answer – You remain on Company insurance until the time of strike and then UAW International will cover your major medical.

Question – What happens if I am on Section 900?
Answer – You remain on the Company insurance.

Question – What happens if I am on Workers Comp?
Answer – You remain on Workers Comp.

Question – Can I walk the picket line if I’m on Section 900 or Workers Comp?
Answer – No.

Question – Do I lose my retirement if I go on strike?
Answer – No.

Question – What happens if you have a loan on your 401k while on strike? Does it hold until we go back or will we be penalized?
Answer – You need to make arrangements with Vanguard as usual and speak with them about it holding. They can be reached at 1-800-523-1188.

Question – Do you have to be a member in good standing to receive strike assistance benefits?
Answer – Members must be in good standing before a strike begins to be eligible for benefits.

Question – Must I be on the payroll at the time a strike begins in order to receive strike benefits?
Answer – Yes.

Question – If I fail to participate in the strike, will I be denied strike benefits?
Answer – Yes.

Question – How much are strike benefits?
Answer – $349 per week.

Question – What disqualifies me for strike benefits?
Answer – You are ineligible for strike benefits if: (1) you are unemployed prior to the strike, (2) you are receiving Section 900 benefits, (3) you are receiving Workers Comp benefits, or (4) you earn gross wages or receive unemployment compensation of $200 or more per week during the strike.


UAW 848 Mass Text Signup

To sign up for mass text messages regarding the UAW Local 848/Triumph negotiations, text “@Phil7” to 469-507-2124.

Contract Update - October 8, 2013

The Union has notified the Company in writing of “Final Written Notice of Termination” of our Union contract!

Prepare yourselves for the coming actions we must engage in to protect our jobs!!

The fight is upon us – failure is not an option!!! Our strength is our Solidarity!!!

Be prepared to respond on short notice!!

Your Negotiating Committee

Negotiations Update - October 4, 2013

Brothers and Sisters,

The International Union and this Local Union believe that our legal positions and our strategic positions are just and correct. We believe that Triumph should recognize our Successor Clause and contract for the Red Oak facility. We understand that the more Triumph employees that have the right to bargain, the better the quality of jobs, benefits and rights that we will all enjoy. And most important is job security for all our families.

We have begun a joint effort to organize two non-union Triumph facilities, one in Grand Prairie and one in Fort Worth. Membership support is critical to these efforts as Triumph employees try and help other Triumph employees and their families to improve all our lives and increase all Triumph employees’ job security!

Prepare yourself and your family for whatever decisions your leadership may make. Trust your leadership! Follow your leadership! Membership solidarity will be the key to this fight and to the victories that lie ahead!!!

Local 848
Bargaining Committee

Negotiations Update - September 27, 2013

From UAW International Representative Wendell Helms:

Your bargaining committee has bargained in good faith with the Company to attempt to come to an Agreement that includes job security for every Local 848 member possible.

The Company refuses to recognize our Successor Clause, which clearly applies to the relocation of our jobs to Red Oak.

The greatest strength we have as a Union is our solidarity. Those brothers and sisters before us fought for the wages, benefits, and rights that we have today!

We must stand together for every possible 848 job today and for the future generations of proud Local 848 aerospace workers!

From UAW Local 848 President Romeo Munoz:

Brothers and Sisters,

The negotiating committee does not recommend the Company’s Last, Best and Final Offer for a 24-month Agreement. The Union’s position is that Red Oak should be part of this agreement. We are asking for your support and solidarity! You will be fully informed at our ratification meeting Sunday, September 29 at 2:00pm at the Grand Prairie High School gymnasium.

Retiree President Gene Lantz made a video about the strike authorization vote. Read more >>>

Negotiations Update - June 20, 2013

Negotiations Suspended

Triumph Aerostructures, Vought Aircraft Division and UAW Local 848 resumed contract talks on Monday, June 17, 2013. Progress was made on several non-economic issues until Thursday, June 20, 2013 when the Company decided to walk away from the table over several issues. The Union suggested numerous times that the issues be moved to the economic discussion so that negotiations could continue. The Company responded to this by saying that we could only “kick the can” so much and that negotiations will resume in September as usual. The UAW Local 848 Negotiating Committee is committed to bring its members a contract that is acceptable and ratifiable by its members. We will keep you informed as we receive any more news.

In Solidarity,
Your UAW Local 848 Negotiating Committee


Negotiations Update - May 10, 2013

Brothers and Sisters,

As of today, the Company and Union have decided to take a cooling off period. Progress has been made on both sides, but there is still more to be accomplished. Keep an eye out here on the website for future updates.

In Solidarity,
Your UAW Local 848 Negotiating Committee


Negotiations Update - May 2, 2013

Brothers and Sisters,

Your Negotiation Team continues to work on Non-Economic issues and things are relatively positive, considering the difficult issues that must be addressed.  We encourage UAW members to be positive and minimize the rumor mill.  The Team anticipates bargaining will begin soon on Economic issues and will keep the membership informed as we can.  The Negotiation Team appreciates your continued support in our efforts to overcome the enormous task we face.

In Solidarity,
Your UAW Local 848 Negotiating Committee


Negotiations Update - April 17, 2013

Brothers and Sisters,

Negotiations have begun and the Union and the Company are now engaged in Non-Economic talks concerning the three facilities - Red Oak, Jefferson Street, and Marshall Street.  We want to remind our members that there is a Membership Meeting scheduled for Sunday, April 21 at 2pm at the Union Hall (2218 East Main, Grand Prairie, TX 75050).

In Solidarity,
Your UAW Local 848 Negotiating Committee


Let the Negotiations Begin

On April 5th, the Company presented a Red Oak Presentation and Company Status Report to your negotiation team.

On Wednesday, April 10th, the Company and the Union will begin the enormous task of attempting to map a plan that secures Red Oak facility jobs for Local 848 members; a task that is likely to take several weeks.

Your negotiation team will work diligently in representing the interest of our members for the best possible resolve.

Keep an eye out in this section of our website - we will update here as we continue to make progress.

In Solidarity,
President Romeo Munoz and the Negotiating Team


Triumph Contract Negotiations

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