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Local 848 Retirees Hold June Meeting Read more >>>

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WWII Veteran Honored Read more >>>

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UAW 848 Retirees Stand Together and Win! Read more >>>

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A Strong Union Has Strong Retirees Read more >>>

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Politics Is Never Far Away from 848 Retirees Read more >>>

Retirees Took Some Fun Time Read more >>>

“We Have the Power!” “Says Retiree Speaker Read more >>>

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Retirees heard appeals from Terry Meza's campaign and the Steelworkers Union at the October meeting. Read more >>>

Retirees Must Fight Inequality Read more >>>

Social Security Matters Read more >>>

Al Herrera Elected Twice! Read more >>>

Retirees Are Ready to Help Read more >>>

Are Retirees Easy Victims? Read more >>>

Ex Chairman Malone still stands ready to help his Local's members and retirees! Read more >>>

UAW 848 Fights for Retirees Read more >>>

Lorraine Birabil, a representative from Congressman Marc Veasey's campaign, came to speak to retirees at the February meeting. Read more >>>

The first retiree meeting of 2016 was packed full of information on many different topics. Read more >>>

Retirees Are Blessed During Holidays Read more >>>

Retirees Honor Veterans
Retirees Pay Dues
Let's Party in December!
  Read more >>>

Retirees Not Surrendering Read more >>>

Retirees WIll Call Read more >>>

Local 848 retirees help sponsor the upcoming Labor Day picnic in Hurst on September 6th. Read more >>>

Retirees Fight Back Read more >>>

Local 848 retirees attend Summer School 2015 Read more >>>

 Articles from "Life" magazine in 1937 and 1947 show the history of unions. Read more >>>

Retirees Keep the “Move” in “Labor Movement!” Read more >>>

Retirees Rock the Hall with Singing! Read more >>>

Retirees Get an Organizing Lesson Read more >>>

Retirees Update Their Info Read more >>>

Retirees encourage attendance at the regular retiree meetings to discuss the state of our Local and relevant issues.  These regular meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month at the Local 848 Union Hall. Read more >>>

Retirees Ask “How Can We Help?” Read more >>>

Retirees hear from insurance specialists. Read more >>>

Retirees Had a Good Time, and We Deserved It! Read more >>>

Retirees get involved in the upcoming election Read more >>>

Retirees Hear Music Read more >>>

Retirees Celebrate Social Security with Congressman Veasey Read more >>>

Fidel Conde, Ken Goring, and Gene Lantz are in Norman, OK attending the 68th Annual Region 5 Summer School. This year's theme is "Holding Our Elected Officials Accountable, Your Vote, Your Voice, Equal Power!" Read more >>>

Retiree Leroy Hudgens explains why he volunteered to increase his retiree dues. Read more >>>

Retirees Look for Improvements Read more >>>

President Splawn Speaks to Retirees Read more >>>

Retirees Updated on Privatization Read more >>>

Listen to Retirees, Learn History

Listen to Retirees, Learn History

by Gene Lantz

Fidel Conde was one of about 500 Mexican Americans brought from the Valley to LTV while Lyndon Johnson was President. Many of them, and their descendants, made aircraft parts there for the rest of their careers.

For a video interview with Fidel Conde, click on


Retirees Boost Politics Read more >>>

Motley Meets Retirees Read more >>>

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Seniors Celebrate the Past -- But Get Ready for Future Battles!

Let the government operate with no cuts to retirees nor vets!

Retirees Learn Facts

Local 848 celebrates 70 years!

Retirees Are Counting on You!

Retirees Make Suggestions for the Labor Movement

Retirees Updated

Retiree Dan McGrew has a rich past!

Sad News Distracts Retirees at April Luncheon

Retirees to Reap Rewards

Retirees Celebrate Valentine's Day

We Teach History

Retirees Have a Great Christmas

Retirees celebrate our veterans!

John Patrick Speaks at Local 848

 Retiree Power Growing

Retirees help raise money for V-CAP!

 Retirees Will Make a Difference!

 Fight for Those Who Fight for Us!

 Retirees Eat Good!

 Retirees Pitch In

 Local 848 Retirees Recognize Old Friends

 Dan McGrew started his UAW membership in 1942

 Union is Critically Situated

 Happy Valentine's Day!

 AFL-CIO Speaks to Retirees

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