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2017 Labor Day Parade Buffalo,NY
The 2017 Labor Day Parade in Buffalo, NY was a fun filled day with Director, Terry Dittes our UAW brothers and sisters as well as families and friends coming together and having a great time. Photos provided by: Jessie Jesson/LU686

2017 Leadership Conference- Cape May, NJ
2017 Cape May Director Dittes made sure the delegates at the Region 9 Leadership Conference in Cape May, NJ were well informed with our special guets from the IEB and the work shops that were conducted! Region 9 was given valuable information from our Director, Terry Dittes, and all of our guests speakers. Director Dittes even made sure we saw the Total eclipse and a rainbow in the same week. Photos Provided by Jessie Jesson/LU686

2014 Special Convention
2014 Special convention held March 26, 2014 in Buffalo, NY to elect Regional Director Terry Dittes

2013 Region 9 Leadership, Retired Workers & Standing Committees Conference
We are privileged to have many prominent speakers at this UAW activity to help the Leadership understand many issues. This will allow for the information to be relayed via the delegates to the rank and file membership of their locals and allow many more members the opportunity to gain this knowledge.

Todays look at the progress from the devistation of October 2012 Sandy Storm
These pictures were taken on April 22, 2013 of a close resort town of Seaside Heights, N.J. This location is only about an hour north of Atlantic City N.J. The devastation is extensive and these residents demonstrate that the will to survive does not take no for an answer!

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