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UAW Local 686

UAW Local 686 Helps Keep a Young Boys Memory Alive

Mitch Gansworth, Gus Mitchell, Bill Buchholz, Liz Gibson, Bob Simons, Wayne Rider

It was a sea of orange on Sunday at keysa Park in  Lancaster NY. Orange, the favorite color of a young boy whoes life was ended tragically on May 3, 2012 by a drunk driver.  After two years of fundrasing and hard work the Bryce Buchholz Memorial Bike Park opened to a very large crowd of friends, family and bikes. It was a beautiful day to remember Bryce, a bright 14 year old boy who loved to ride is orange crush BMX Bike. This bike park gives every kid in Lancaster a safe place to ride their bikes.

Bill Buchholz, Bryce's father is a supervisor at our GM Components Lockport Site. Ever since that tragic day many of UAW Local 686 members have been their for Bill and to help fundraise for Bryce's park.

"Hopefully, this park will be a reminder not only for the youth but the adults, as well, in Lancaster. Please, don't drink and drive. Not against you going out and getting a beer for supper, but if you're planning on going out and getting drunk, make sure you've got somebody that's going to be able to drive you home, whether it be a friend or a cab. We don't want a repeat of Bryce's tragedy." -Bill buchholz


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