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UAW Local 686


President-Gordie Fletcher-unopposed-ELECTED; 1st Vice President-Paul Szafranski-unopposed-ELECTED; 2nd Vice President-Donald Thering-ELECTED with 482 votes(57.5%)to Alexander Lane with 272 votes(32.5%)and Joseph Smith with 84 votes(10.0%); Financial Secretary-Dan Mullane-unopposed-ELECTED; Recording Secretary-Mary Ward-Schiffert-unopposed-ELECTED; Sergeant-at-Arms-Richard Myers with 166 votes(19.9%) to Wayne Rider with 413 votes(49.5%)RUNOFF and Solomon Powell with 256 votes (30.7%)RUNOFF; Guide-Nicole Gansworth-ELECTED with 500 votes(60.8%)to Joe Cecconi with 322 votes(39.2%); Trustees-John Cooper-unopposed-ELECTED; Liz Gibson-unopposed-ELECTED and Jason Kubik-unopposed-ELECTED; Shop Chairman-Michael Branch-unopposed-ELECTED; Dist. 1 Committeeperson-Paul Szafranski-unopposed-ELECTED; Dist. 1 Alternate Committeeperson-Douglas Smith-unopposed-ELECTED; Dist. 2 Committeeperson-James Williams-unopposed-ELECTED; Dist. 2 Alternate Committeeperson-John Cooper-ELECTED with 91 votes to Linette Hoffman with 68 votes; Dist. 3 Committeeperson-Jeff Grimes-ELECTED with 143 votes to Adam Walek with 39 votes; Dist. 3 Alternate Committeeperson-Inell Purdue-unopposed-ELECTED; Dist. 4 Committeeperson-Ryan Ginty-ELECTED with 131 votes to Jayne Bil with 84 votes; Dist. 4 Alternate Committeeperson-Jordan Meehan-ELECTED with 129 votes to Kevin Hunter with 79 votes; Dist. 5 Committeeperson-Cheryl Randolph-ELECTED with 124 votes to Solomon Powell with 55 votes; Dist. 5 Alternate Committeeperson-Jason Kubik-unopposed-ELECTED; Dist. 6 Committeeperson-Jeramy Huber-unopposed-ELECTED; Dist. 6 Alternate Committeeperson-Jim Neidrauer-ELECTED with 128 votes to Chad Livermore with 18 votes. ELECTION RUNOFF DATE IS TUESDAY, APRIL 15TH
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