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UNITY 1 News Decmber 12, 2012

Qualifying Day

It has come to our attention that a few departments will be placed on TLO over the Christmas holiday. If you are being placed on TLO the week BEFORE Christmas break (the week of the 17th) this will mean that Friday (December 14th) is your “qualifying day”. You will be required to work this day to be eligible for holiday pay.

Temporary employees with 90 days that will be placed on TLO will still be eligible for holiday pay. After signing up for unemployment benefits, these employees will be reinstated on December 24th and will receive holiday pay through Jan 1. If TLO extends past Jan 1, they will be TLO’d again on January 2 for the remainder of the week. Benefits will have all of the information necessary for filing unemployment claims.

Flex Accounts
Do not forget to use all the money in your flex spending account before the end of the year. These accounts are based on a calendar year and will end on December 31.

We have some confusion every year. Our new vacation time,vr time, ect. will not be valid until AFTER the first pay period. Any time that is used in the first week in January (1st-6th) has to come off of THIS year’s (2012) entitlement.


December 18th is the last day the store will be open and the last day the 2012 $50 employee voucher will be good. Store hours are 6am to 1pm. There are a few people that have not used it yet!

Have a great Christmas holiday. Enjoy your families and time off. We are looking forward to 2013 being a year of success and momentum for our membership .

Happy Holiday,


Chairmen Mike Branch, President Gordie Fletcher and District Shop Jeramy Huber are attending Sub Council in Detroit. They have been informed the membership should be made aware that the legal services benefit will end NEXT year, not this year. Any new business that is initiated in 2013 will be carried over until it is finalized, but this service will not be available in 2014. All members are encouraged to use the service while it exists. Please have your will or other transactions in process before December of 2013.

Additionally, members will see, within the next few pay checks, an imputed income for legal services of $81.47. This is not a deduction. It is the total cost of our legal service benefit and will be taxed as income. That is NOT the amount of the tax.

An imputed income of $81.47 at a tax rate of 28% will equal about $23 deduction.

So, the amount of tax that the average member will pay is $23.

This is the same deduction that happens every year of the agreement that we have legal services. Please understand that you will not have $81.47 deducted from your pay. That is the amount that will be taxed at your current rate of tax.

Fidelity Investments will be on site Thursday November 29, to present
“Building a Portfolio for any Weather”

The sessions will be held in the site staff conference room, the old “war room,”                at 6:45 AM, 1 PM, 2:45 PM, and 3:45 PM.

Sessions should run about 45 minutes to an hour and offer information regarding investment options within our retirement plan.

All UAW members are encouraged to attend!



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