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Trustee Runoff Election held on Tuesday, August 4, 2020. Read more >>>

Volunteers are needed for mentors of Career and Technical Education Students in the Buffalo Public Schools. Read more >>>

  • Sunday, August 16, 2020
  • 10:00 AM
  • UAW local 774 - Parking Lot
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 Results for the Elections held on Tuesday, July 28, 2020. Read more >>>

 The following Retired Members have accepted nomination. Read more >>>

 Candidates who accepted nomination to run:- Read more >>>

 The following members have accepted nomination for the Executive Board. Read more >>>

Sisters and Brothers,

I regret to inform you that due to Covid-19, this years Summer Picnic at Darien Lake is cancelled. Thanks to John Chase and our Recreation committee for setting up our picnic but due to these circumstances we must look to 2021 for getting together.

In Solidarity
Jr Baker
UAW Local 774 President


Iinformation on inspecting the Membership List and In-plant Campaigning.


Rescheduled Elections to be held on Tuesday, July 28, 2020. Read more >>>

The UAW Local 774 Union Hall now features a memorial for deceased active and retired members. Read more >>>

  • Saturday, June 20, 2020
  • 10:00 AM
  • Union Hall Parking Lot
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New Local 774 Leadership Update Report. Read more >>>

Shop Chairman Mike Grimmer's latest report. Read more >>>

President JR Baker's latest report. Read more >>>

Good Morning Sisters and Brothers,

This morning I went to pickup 40 perishables boxes to give to our Caravan and Cafeteria Sisters and Brothers. They will be available for pickup Monday June 1st at the Union Hall.On behalf of your Executive Board we just want to say thank you for all your hard work!

Special thanks to Rooted in Love inc,, 670 Riley Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14211; Founder and executive director Tesha Parker for the donations.

In Solidarity,
JR Baker

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Sisters and Brothers at UAW Local 774,

We been out of work since March 20th and we've all experienced some sort of discomfort during that time. Anxiety has been extremely high with the element of the unknown. This virus has taken some of our family, friends away from us. I speak from experience. If any member has experienced death in there family or sickness currently, I pray for comfort and healing.

As we return to work tomorrow please use precautions that are in place and anyone experiencing displeasure please don't hesitate to contact myself or any member of your Executive Board, Chairman Michael Grimmer and your Shop Committee, EAP Rep, Benefit Rep, or Chaplain. We are all concerned about returning to work so let's try to get through this startup as safe and smooth as possible.

The Union Hall will be open, but you have to enter with mask on and we will continue to practice social distancing.

In Solidarity,
Jr Baker
UAW Local 774 President

Brothers and Sisters,

For all of our members that are returning to work Monday; Do not say that you have returned to work when you certify for unemployment benefits this week. This may just cause problems with claim and could delay payment.

Mike Grimmer                             JR Baker
UAW 774 Shop Chairman          UAW 774 President

General Motors posted the following notice on their ANS Alerts System. Read more >>>

 Please see letter from Vice President Terry Dittes below. Read more >>>

Our Workers' Compensation Attorneys have published a guide for the Coronavirus. Read more >>>

The article below has the details on 2020 Lump Sum Bonus Payments. Read more >>>

 Shop Chairman Mike Grimmer and President JR Baker's Report is following. Read more >>>

The Executive Board of the Retired Workers Chapter, has decided to cancel the Annual Retiree's Picnic and June 2020 Retiree Meeting. Read more >>>

Vice President Terry Dittes letter on GM's Ist Qtr Financials and Targeted Start Dates. Read more >>>

Please see the annoucement from the International Union below:- Read more >>>

CARES ACT & PERSONAL SAVINGS PLAN Letter from Vice President Terry Dittes. Read more >>>

 A important message for our Caravan Members from President JR Baker. Read more >>>

GM's Special Annoucement on Healthcare for certain members. Read more >>>


GM has agreed to keep the health insurance in effect for all temporary members and members with less than 1 year seniority through the end of May 2020. Read more >>>

Please see the most recent letter from Vice President Terry Dittes regarding Plant Health & Safety Issues. Read more >>>

Join area UAW and other AFL-CIO Local Unions to honor Union Members on Zoom on Tuesday, April 28, 2020. Read more >>>

Special Letter on the Temporary 30 Day Rule from Vice President Dittes. Read more >>>

 An Important update from President JR Baker. Read more >>>

 Important Benefit Update from your Benefit Reps. Read more >>>


Vice President Terry Dittes released a letter today regarding the Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security Act. Read more >>>

 Important message from President JR Baker. Read more >>>

 Special Message from President JR Baker regarding Benefits. Read more >>>

 Important message from President JR Baker. Read more >>>

 .Information to open an Unemployment claim

 Latest Update from your President and Shop Chairman. Read more >>>

 Operations will temporary cease at the end of second shift on Friday, March 20, 2020. Read more >>>

 Letter Regarding GM Plant Shutdowns. Read more >>>

The Membership List will be available for review starting April 12th, 2020. Read more >>>

 Special Important Message from Retiree Chairperson Russell Flynn. Read more >>>

 This Sunday's Membership Meeting on 3/15/2020 has been cancelled. Read more >>>

 President JR Baker's latest Report. Read more >>>

 The latest copy of UAW Local 774 Labor News and Repoirt is now available. Read more >>>

To all the Supporters of UAW Local 774 during our Strike with General Motors. Read more >>>

 Vice President Terry Dittes announces the Ratification Results. Read more >>>

  •  National Agreement Contract Ratification Vote Results
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 President JR Baker's August 7th. Report Read more >>>

 President JR Baker's latest report. Read more >>>

 President JR Baker's Latest Report. Read more >>>

 Official 2019 Special Convention on Collective Bargaining Delegate Report Read more >>>

 The 2019 1st. Quarter Edition is now available online.  Read more >>>

Learn the details of where your Vehicle was built and more. Read more >>>

October-December 2018 UAW Local 774 Labor News & Report Read more >>>

JR Baker's October Report Read more >>>

JR Baker's September 26th. Report Read more >>>

THANK A UNION! Read more >>>


Cindy Estrada's Friday Update for 3/2/18 Read more >>>



Congratulations to Terry Dittes, VP International, UAW

Retired Workers Membership and Dues - Are you a Dues Paying Member??  Join Us!!


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Region 9 Retiree Council Chairpersons and Region 9 Active Retiree Chapter Chairperson

V-CAP is the UAW’s political action fund made up of voluntary contributions from UAW members, retirees and their families. The money is used to support pro-worker political candidates who have earned the endorsement of the UAW Community Action Program (CAP). 

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