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UAW Local 1508

Say NO to Fast Track for Trade Deals


Congress will be voting in the next several days whether to authorize a vote on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Trade deal. A yes vote on Fast Track means that Congress will only be able to vote Yes or No on the TPP trade deal without any opportunity to provide input or make changes. The UAW is deeply opposed to this manner of passing any legislation particularly trade laws that have a great impact on our members and working families across the United States.

Call Congress:

Wednesday January 21st

We are asking that you take 2 minutes of your time tomorrow to call the 855 number above. You will be directly routed to your member of Congress upon entering your zip code. The following talking points are all you need to say:

1. The UAW strongly opposes Fast Track. Fast track severely limits the ability of Congress to amend pending and future trade agreements.
2. Fast Track is un-democratic
3. Fast Track keeps Congress’ from doing its job to shape and debate legislation – Fast Track gives elected leaders ONLY an up or down vote.
4. Fast Track puts US workers and companies at a competitive disadvantage internationally

For more information, contact your Local Union President or visit the website

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