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 Voluntary Separation Offer

 When we stick together we win!

The Local's leadership worked diligently to iron out an agreement with Foxwoods to protect our workers and to uphold your collective Bargaining Agreement and although we were willing to offer temporary scheduling and partial severance concessions...concessions they ask for in evey contract cycle,  in exchange for them living up to their contractual obligation for Medical insurance during layoff ....they refused! 

During a Global Pandemic their bottom line was more important than your heath!!! 



 If you are still having issues with Unemployment, please contact the Union at (860) 892-9191 or (860) 381-5467.

Or e-mail President Dave Church at local2121pres@gmail.com

We want to acknowledge that we know this is a very anxious time for everyone and we are committed to giving you as accurate information as we can. Our only job is to enforce your contract and we want to assure you that we are working on this with our Regional Rep. and Labor Attorney to ensure our contract is adhered to.

 Local 2121 is here to help you with your unemployment. We are not taking visitors, but we are taking phone calls.

 Local Union Officers Contact information

 In this unprecendented situation , Casinos across the country are paying their workers,even partial wages for 2 weeks, but Foxwoods would not agree to any paid leave. Apparently they can afford to build 2 new casinos, but not for the workers they currently employ!! This is unacceptable! 

We negotiated the following terms, but you must file unemployment if you want to be paid. 




 To Our Members


Your Bargaining Committee

 Change of date of meeting

 The Results are in!

 None of the three candidates fo Vice President received majority vote (50% plus at least one vote) so there will be a Run off vote as required


 The Vice President and Recording Secretary Positions are being run January 10th and 12th

 Here are the Bios written by your candidates for Recording Secretary

Please check Union boards for the pictures they provided!

 Here are you vice President Candidate Bios in the order they will be on the ballot!

Please check Union Boards for the Photos the candidates provided !


 Our bargaining survey is now available online

Please take the time to fill this out 

 In May, you elected the bargaining committee that will represent you in negotiations with Foxwoods management for a new contract to replace the one that will be expiring on December 31, 2019. (If a new contract is not reached until after the current contract expires, both sides must continue to follow the expired contract until we have a new contract).

Formal negotiations will be starting in September, 2019. We want to make sure members that understand the process.

 Scholarships available at Goddard College for UAW Members

 Andrea Goodrich to resign as President to become UAW International Servicing Representative

Our Current Executive Board Members

 Here are the candidates for our Bargaining Committee Election

 Here are your candidates for Executive Board 

 Nominations have opened for Bargaining Committee

 Nomintaions opened for Officers and Stewards

 Vice President John Delmonte talks about his visits with Union Casinos and workers in Cambodia as part of a delegate exchange through the AFL-CIO Solidarity Center!

 UFCW Local 371 has unanimously authorized a Strike!

 Scholarship Opportunity for High School Seniors


Gaming Council at the  2019 TOP, IPS, and Gaming Conference

 The Dealer Gratuity Add-On that was negotiated in our Contract was a huge success!!

 Did you know you can Collect unemployemnt when the casino brings you into work and they send you home because they don't need you? 

Link to file an intial claim provided

 Help the Toke Committee Track dead spreads by reporting what you see while you are working. You know how the saying goes "See Something, Do Something"

 List of active stewards list on all shifts

 Region 9A's statement on the events in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce the availability of the 2017 Richard ‘Dik’ Days Scholarship Application.

If you are a graduating high school senior attending college full-time in the fall or a  current undergraduate student, enrolled full-time in a college/university you are eligible to apply for this scholarship. Qualifying applicants must also meet the minimum  requirements noted below. Two $1,000 scholarships will be awarded in 2017...

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Congratulations to Grad Employees at Columbia on their NLRB Victory!

The NLRB has ruled that Graduate Employees at private universities can organize a union with the full rights protection of the National Labor Relations Act! This has been a decades-long fight, and now Grad Employees may see some justice!

Great editorial in the NY Times!


Today, we released the UAW App—a mobile app for your iPhone or Android devices that can keep you up to date on everything UAW!


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Statement of Julie Kushner, Director, UAW Region 9A on the UAW Endorsement of Secretary Clinton for President

The next four years will be critical for expanding the labor movement, especially in places like Region 9A where thousands of workers are actively seeking to join the UAW. Keeping a Democrat in the White House is critical to our success. The appointments made by the president to the National Labor Relations Board, the Supreme Court and lower federal courts, for example, greatly impact our ability to move forward a progressive agenda.

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 Local 2121 is so excited and grateful to have UAW International's  Andy Comai, Steve Shepard and Carl Little to train our JHSP team along with managements representatives in Ergonomics!!  This training is 6 years in the making and hopefully will be a great collaborative effort between our Union and management in working towards a safer workplace for our members!!

Want to know more about the UAW? Watch this!

Local 2320 Greater Boston Legal Services Members Help the Poor in Need

UAW Cafeteria Workers In East Lyme, CT

These are members of UAW Local 376!

Local 376 members in East Lyme tell us why having a union is important to them!

Check whether you are compliant in our wellness program

Our Joint Health and Safety Panel is in place to help reduce the amount of workplace injuries. They also hold management accountable for the air quality testing provided for under our CBA and have the data analyzed to ensure our air quality is improving with each testing.

Congress will be voting in the next several days whether to authorize a vote on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Trade deal. A yes vote on Fast Track means that Congress will only be able to vote Yes or No on the TPP trade deal without any opportunity to provide input or make changes. The UAW is deeply opposed to this manner of passing any legislation particularly trade laws that have a great impact on our members and working families across the United States.

UAW Region 9A Veterans Council Helps Vets in Puerto Rico

UAW Region 9A Veterans Council Chairman Pat Mulholland presents a $500 check to the San Juan, PR VA Voluntary Services. It will be used exclusively for outings for veterans who are living at the VA facility.

Local 2179 Strand Bookstore members are proud to be UAW!

Proud Strand Bookstore UAW members!

UAW Local 376 Member Jerry Deveau shares about his union

Jerry Deveau works at Colt Manufacturing

Through solidarity learn to build upon your hopes and dreams at the UAW Family Education Center. Read more >>>

I want my fellow employees to know that if you’re feeling isolated, there are options for you within our company. Feel free to contact the Employee Assistance Program ( EAP ) @ 888-277-0007

Also, I will be in touch with the UAW EAP program to see if they can further assist our employees during the time of need.

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Tina & Kim while attending Black Lake with UAW President Bob King

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