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107 Brighton Ave , Suite 6

Boston, MA 02134

Phone: 617-262-6333

Name Title
George Boag President
Zachary Bos Vice President
Terry Delprato Steward
Tessa Skinner Steward
Jose Ponce Steward
Jane McGillicuddy Steward
Joe MacNeil Steward
OPEN POSITION Recording Secretary
Richard Larkin Trustee
Robert Colbert Steward
Robert Gibson Sergeant at Arms
Wanda Velez-Jusino Guide
Ali Al-Gezi Trustee Chair
Nancy Olson Garofalo Secretary-Treasurer
Edward Muizulis Trustee
Tom Johnson Steward
Additional Information

Local 2324 is part of the Technical, Office and Professional (TOP) Department of the UAW at Boston University.

Here at Boston University, we have about 550 staff members in Local 2324. They receive guaranteed wage increases, retirement benefits, tuition benefits, health and dental insurance, paid sick, vacation, holiday and personal time, and a grievance procedure with binding arbitration for settling disputes and more -- all as a result of collective bargaining between the UAW members and Boston University.

General Information
Clerical, technical and research employees at Boston University are covered by a union contract negotiated between Local 2324 UAW and Boston University. The green "Agreement Trustees of Boston University and Local 2324 UAW" booklet you received at your orientation outlines your guaranteed benefits and pay raises, the University's obligation to provide a safe workplace free from discrimination, and your right to have the Union represent you if there are problems at your work site.

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