Now that the academic year has begun I wanted to update the membership on what has happened over the summer.In the coming months we will work on developing a better format for our newsletter. But to avoid unnecessary delay we are using this format temporarily.
Thanks for your patience.
George Boag
President UAW Local2324

Since the election we have added several people to our team.
 Joe MacNeil (IS&T) and Jose Ponce (COM) are now on the grievance committee. One position remains open.
We have several new Stewards- Robert Colbert (Housing), Terry Delprato (SHS), Nathan Garrison (Biology), Tom Johnson (Mugar), Lina Garcia Kosko (Disability Services), and Jane McGillicuddy (Questrom).
Thanks to all of them.
We still have several positions open for stewards. If you are interested contact George or Nancy in the union office. The position allows for 5 hours per month union time.

Our latest membership list puts our current number at 552. There are also 20-30 open positions. At the beginning of the summer we had over 30 people that had not been signed up. We have eliminated the backlog and up to date.
Examining the list I noticed more than half our membership has been here five years or less. BU denies their goal is elimination of long term employees but the facts show otherwise.

BU is still not providing meeting space to us. We held our September meeting at the Sunset Cantina on west campus. Uno Pizzeria in Kenmore Sq. also has meeting space and we hope to hold our November meeting there. Every month we have our Executive Board-Workplace council meeting in the union office. All members are welcome to attend and lunch is served. These meetings are the 3rd Wednesday of the month at noon.

Due to a filing error we faced an IRS penalty of $12,000. After appealing the IRS offered to settle for $600. Continuing the appeal would have required prepayment of the disputed $12,000 and continued legal fees. After discussion the Executive Board decided to pay the $600 and we have done so.

An error was found in the Hourly Wage Rate Range listed in the Appendix of the contract book. (p.53-54) The Maximum interval column 2 was incorrect. The correct information is:
GRADE 21 $24.02 (listed as $24.03)
GRADE 22 $24.76 (listed as $24.79)
GRADE 23 $26.52 (listed as $26.07)
GRADE 24 $27.66 (listed as $26.97)
GRADE 25 $29.33 (listed as $28.25)
GRADE 26 $32.45 (listed as $31.24)
An examination of the July raises did not reveal any errors caused by the mistake.

Several departments have undergone reorganizations and some have resulted in jobs being eliminated. Usually this results in increased workloads for the remaining positions. If you experience this please contact us.

We are planning a night at the BU hockey game Tuesday, December 13th against Yale. We also will have a night at a basketball game during the Spring semester. Call or email us if you are interested in attending either.