2014 Winter Leadership Institute

Come experience Walter Reuther’s dream at the UAW Family Education Center in Onaway, Michigan. It’s where UAW members get a chance to broaden their knowledge of the labor movement, learn to enhance their skills utilizing some of our leadership programs such as the Winter Leadership Institute.

The UAW Winter Leadership Institute consists of two parts, one being a skill class in which delegates will be able to choose between Grievance Handling, UAW 101, & Collective Bargaining. The other segment is the core class which focuses on membership engagement, the value of union membership, “Stronger Together”, and “Organizing the Organized”. All delegates will participate in this workshop designed around stimulating discussion of current events, sharing ideas, and exploring how to better serve our membership.

You will leave the UAW Family Education Center with a new appreciation and understanding of how our union works and why your participation is critical to the survival of our great union.

Education is the golden key that unlocks the potential for human growth.
-Walter Reuther