UAW Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

Statement of Julie Kushner, Director, UAW Region 9A on the UAW Endorsement of Secretary Clinton for President

Farmington, CT
May 25, 2016

The next four years will be critical for expanding the labor movement, especially in places like Region 9A where thousands of workers are actively seeking to join the UAW. Keeping a Democrat in the White House is critical to our success. The appointments made by the president to the National Labor Relations Board, the Supreme Court and lower federal courts, for example, greatly impact our ability to move forward a progressive agenda.

Our members are passionate about advancing the interests of working families through a progressive political coalition. They have shown strong commitment to both Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders as the candidates who we could work with most effectively to advance the interests of working families. We must defeat Donald Trump and not allow the gains we have made since 2008 to be reversed. Imagine a Trump NLRB or Justice Scalia’s seat filled by a Trump appointee -- we believe Trump would wage war on the middle class.

We endorse Secretary Clinton as she has a strong record on many issues we hold dear, such as the right to organize, strengthening collective bargaining rights, raising the minimum wage, early childhood education, healthcare reform, paid family leave, voting rights, immigration reform, and combatting domestic violence. And through the hard work of many of our members and Senator Sanders’ campaign, Secretary Clinton has taken a stronger stance on issues such as trade, income inequality, and campaign finance reform.

UAW President Dennis Williams announces endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President.

In the end the responsibility is ours to make sure whomever sits in the Oval Office or walks the halls of Congress is supporting policies that lift up the poor, strengthen the middle class, protect the vulnerable and those in the twilight of their lives, and most importantly secures the future for our children. Donald Trump won’t do that, President Hillary Clinton will. Our organizing continues today, tomorrow, to the election in November, and onward.